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5 Best Move to Earn Projects

November 11, 2022
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Blockchain was invented to revolutionize global finance. However, in the last decade or so, the industry has discovered other use cases for this remarkable technology. One of the most innovative is the ability to add financial incentives to human activities. You might have heard about the whole "x"-to-earn phenomenon till now.

The ‘x-to-earn’ revolution began with the launch of Axie Infinity in 2018. With this project, for the first time in gaming history, gamers could earn a living playing games. Although a select group of highly skilled athletes and players were already earning money through their dominance in professional sports and gaming events, Axie and the other Web3 games that followed it opened the door for all of their players to do the same. The gaming industry has fittingly titled these web-enabled projects "play-to-earn" games.

These games instantly captured the attention of millions of gamers and builders around the globe. Some ingenious creators are now coming up with other interesting variations of the "x-to-earn" model, such as "learn-to-earn," "stake-to-earn," and "move-to-earn. 

What are Move-to-earn projects?

Move-to-Earn is a new economic model used by Web3 fitness apps that reward players for their physical activity. This is made possible by integrating blockchain technology into the platform and sensors in the users' mobile phones and other tracking devices. The data collected by these devices is then used to reward the players with cryptocurrency or other digital assets.

The concept of rewarding players for their physical activity is not new. Fitness trackers such as Fitbit have been doing this for years. The Web3 version of fitness apps, on the other hand, rewards users with crypto-tokens that can be redeemed for fiat currency.Face it, folks, not everybody loves to hit the gym. While it's extremely important to exercise, it gets boring real quick. These new Web3 apps will bring some excitement to your workout and also reward you for living a healthy lifestyle.

In this article, we’ve compiled the best "move-to-earn" projects. Let’s have a look:

Best move to earn projects in Web3







Genopets is a markedly unique fitness app. Its creators have taken multiple successful gaming tropes and compiled them into one to create this project. Someone on the internet described it like this: "If Axie Infinity and Strava had a baby, it would be Genopets," and we kind of agree with that description. In the game, players take ownership of a "Genopet," which is a digital avatar (representation) of their spirit animal. The health and strength of this digital avatar depends on your lifestyle.

Players earn energy points for living an active life; this will include activities such as running, walking, dancing, etc. This energy is used as fuel to upgrade your Genopets. The digital pet trope in this fitness app is quite unique, and we’ve seen previously in the gaming world with titles like Pokemon Go and Tamagotchi that people really like to take care of their digital pets.


The next project on the list brings a unique twist to the Move-to Earn space. Rapty is an exciting combination of a social media platform and a dance metaverse app that reward users for their physical activities. Players can create their own avatars to enter the metaverse of Rapty and get rewarded for their insane dance moves. The app uses front camera of your device and machine learning model to create a digital avatar.

Rapty keeps things interesting through game modes such as:

Challenge: Go against the machine in this player vs environment mode.

Battle: Crush the competition with you crazy dance moves in this player vs player mode

Party: Enter the digital dance stage with your friends and groove on your songs.

Learn: Don’t know how to dance, No worries, the app also features a mode where you can learn to dance from its


Walken is a blockchain-based fitness app that encourages people to stay active by rewarding them with cryptocurrency. The project is quite similar to conventional fitness apps in that it tracks your steps, distance traveled, calories burned, etc. and uses this data to reward you with Walken tokens. These Walken tokens can be redeemed for fiat money ($$).

Walken’s objective is to give users a chance to earn a living by sticking to a healthy lifestyle. Interestingly, Walken appears to have taken some inspiration from Genopets. The app also features the "digital pet" trope, in which you get an upgradable NFT pet. These digital creatures are called Cathletes in Walken. Similar to genopets, you can upgrade your Cathlete NFT by living an active lifestyle. You can also trade these pets in the in-game marketplace.


FitMint is a reward-based fitness app that encourages people to be physically active by rewarding them with FitMint tokens. These tokens can be used to purchase in-app goods and services, or they can be converted to fiat money ($) and withdrawn from the app. The app uses GPS to track your physical activity and uses the data to reward you with FitMint tokens.

Fitmint is a rising star in the move-to-earn space. Folks, you already know the premise: Web3 fitness allows you to earn money while burning calories.The app enables you to seamlessly keep track of your workouts and introduces a competitive aspect to exercising. Through the app, you can connect with millions of fitness enthusiasts across the globe. Challenge people, share your wins, and level up your fitness. To get started with your fitness journey on Fitmit, you’ll need to buy an NFT sneaker.


DeFit is a blockchain-based fitness app that rewards its users for completing fitness goals through a reward system. Users can set fitness goals and receive in-app tips to complete these goals.

The app is on its way to becoming a really big player in the move-to-earn space. It currently ranks second on the social scorecard of playtoearn.net, the first being Stepn. The developers have deliberately taken the "free to play" route to make the platform more accessible.

Interestingly, apart from tracking walks and runs, Defit also tracks activities like swimming. You can use your Android or iOS device to download the app and connect your previously created Web3 wallet.The next step is simple, guys: get started with your workouts and earn spectacular rewards.

Users can also join fitness programs and compete with fellow users.


Folks, these move-to-earn apps take away every excuse that you might have to be lazy. Let’s take this opportunity to partake in physical activities. There are a lot of move-to-earn apps that incentivize physical activity by rewarding players with crypto-tokens. So what are you waiting for, folks? Start your workouts, stay active, and make some money.