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New Battle Royale Web3 Games

January 4, 2023
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The Battle Royale genre has blown up in recent years. Millions of gamers around the world enjoy popular battle royale titles like PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex Legends. Web3 gaming is also getting its fair share of battle royale games, which are improving by the day. Web3 games have unique gameplay mechanics that set them apart from the competition. Furthermore, these titles provide digital ownership rights to the players, making them even more exciting. This article will list some of the best Web3 battle royale games to keep an eye on.

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New Battle Royale Web3 Games

Superpower Squad




War of Steel

Wild Card Alliance

Homie Wars 


Thetan Arena

The Red Village

Superpower Squad

What is Superpower Squad?

Superpower Squad is the ultimate Web3 third-person shooter game! Imagine a world where MOBA, RPG, and Roguelike gameplay collide to give you an out-of-this-world gaming experience. Whether you're a lone wolf or a team player, Superpower Squad has got you covered with its immersive solo and team modes. But that's not all, with a diverse selection of game modes and a unique hero, skin, and weapon synthesis and upgrade system, you'll never run out of ways to customize and improve your gaming experience. Superpower Squad is on a mission to bring the thrill of e-sports to the web3 platform for all players. And to make it even easier for web2 gamers to join in on the fun, the mobile app version of the game comes with a built-in in-app wallet.

Is Superpower Squad free to play?

Yes, according to their website Superpower Squad is completely free-to-play.

Can you earn money playing Superpower Squad?

Yes, you earn token rewards for winning matches in the game. However, there's a catch free characters are not eligible for these rewards.


What is MetaStrike?

Metastrike, a first-person shooter multiplayer game that combines the best features of popular shooting games with cutting-edge gameplay and stunning visuals. Immerse yourself in a world inspired by the success of CS:GO and Call of Duty, where players can fully unleash their competitive spirit. Metastrike's maps, weapons, and items are expertly crafted to provide a highly balanced and challenging experience, perfect for professional players looking for a new FPS challenge. Metastrike is a first-person shooter project that can be used as a basis to develop your own FPS project with any ideas. Metastrike is a first-person shooter project that can be used as a basis to develop your own FPS project with any ideas.

Is MetaStrike a free to play title?

Yes, you can play Metastrike for free.

Can you earn money playing MetaStrike?

Yes you can earn the native token of MetaStrike and in-game NFTs while playing the game.


What is Farcana?

In Farcana, players embark on a thrilling journey to establish a new civilization on a terraformed Mars, all while competing in intense battle royale mode. As they strive to earn Infilium, the most valuable resource in the galaxy, players will also have the opportunity to mine Bitcoin at lightning speeds.

Farcana's innovative deflation Play-to-Hash economic model, which is based on real Bitcoin mining power, seamlessly integrates the high-quality gameplay of a traditional shooter game with the cutting-edge economy and technology of the Web3 world. Join the daily, monthly, and yearly tournaments and fight for your share of Bitcoin in a world where humanity has exhausted Earth's resources and is competing for survival on Mars. Built on the latest Unreal Engine 5 technology, Farcana offers a visually stunning and immersive gaming experience set in the year 2073."

Is Farcana free to play?

No, Farcana is not a free to play title. You'll need a NFT character to start playing the game.

Can you earn money playing Farcana?

Yes you can earn the best currency in the world playing Farcana i.e BTC.

War of Steel

What is War of Steel?

War of Steel is an adrenaline-pumping battle royale game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With matches that last no longer than 30 minutes, you'll be making quick decisions, reacting fast, and engaging in explosive battles. This game is designed for pure fun, so much so that you'll be eager to rush home from work to play with your friends.

In War of Steel, players are dropped into the battlefield in one of three powerful mechs - a tank, a Marauder, or a Recon Rouge - each with its unique abilities. Players can choose the mech that best suits their playstyle before being deployed. Once in the game, it's all about finding and destroying enemies.

Is War of Steel free to play?

Yes, War of Steel is a free to play title.

Can you make money playing War of Steel?

Yep, you get to earn crypto tokens while this action fueled title.

Wild Card Alliance

Wildcard Alliance Web3 game

What is Wildcard Alliance?

Wildcard is a thrilling blend of real-time strategy, MOBA, and collectible card games. In Wildcard, players take on the role of champions from across the galaxy, each with their own unique abilities and strengths. The goal is to outmaneuver and outsmart your opponents, destroy their nexus, and claim victory. As we mentioned above, strategy will also be a big part of the gameplay in Wildcard, along with skills. The summons deck you choose will be just as important in increasing your chances of victory as your champion's skill. The game has apparently been in development for over five years now, and it shows.

The graphics are great, and the gameplay feels smooth. Another interesting thing about this title is that it's designed to be a spectator sport too. Meaning that people can virtually experience the gladiator-style war in the arena of Wildcard between their favorite players and streamers. Games like Wildcard are bringing us closer to the promised land of fully functional, enjoyable Web3 games.

Is Wildcard Alliance free to play?

Can you make money playing Wildcard Alliance?

Homie Wars 

Homie Wars web3 game. Homie wars metaverse.

What is Homie Wars?

If you have previously tried Blankos Block Party, then the design and gameplay of this new title will feel very familiar to you. Homie Wars is a free-to-play metaverse game that can be directly accessed through a browser. Players can enter the metaverse (homieverse) just by visiting its website. Once there, you can start to interact with other homies, play mini games, create sub-communities, and do so much more. The battle to earn model is a cornerstone of Homie-Wars.

Survival may seem easy on paper, but trust us, it's far from it. You'll have to overcome obstacles, avoid danger, and outsmart your opponents to make it to the end. And with other players (or teams) trying to take you down, you'll need to stay on your toes and come up with clever strategies to come out on top.

So if you're ready to prove you've got what it takes to be the ultimate Homie survivor, give the game a try!

Is Homie Wars free to play?

Yes, you can play Homie wars for free straight from the browser.

Can you make money playing Homie Wars?

Yes, you get to earn game tokens while playing Homie Wars. You can sell these tokens in the open market for fiat cash.


Smashverse battle royale, Smashverse nft game

What is Smashverse?

Smashverse is an upcoming Web3 Battle Royale game that looks quite promising. The developers claim that the game will represent the next generation of battle royale titles that combine the excitement of high-stakes melee combat with player ownership. Get ready to rumble in Smashverse, a game that lets players duke it out in epic 1v1 and 2v2 battles or go all out in massive 30-player battle royale matches.

In this game, you'll find a variety of fighter archetypes inspired by real-life martial arts styles from around the globe. As you play, you'll be placed in a league where you can rise through the ranks and work towards becoming the ultimate Smashverse Championship Belt holder.

But if you're looking for even more competition, Smashverse has you covered with seasonal tournaments. These tournaments give players the chance to prove their skills and compete for rewards and rare in-game items. It's the ultimate esports experience for fans of fighting games. So don't wait any longer—join the fray in Smashverse today!

Is Smashverse free to play?

Can you make money playing Smashverse?

Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena NFT game, Thetan Arena mobile game, Thetan Arena Web3 game

What is Thetan Arena?

Next up is a title that recently won the title of "best mobile web3 game" in the recent GAM3 Awards: Thetan Arena. The developers describe the game as an esports title built on top of blockchain technology. In Theta Arena, players have a wide range of heroes to choose from, each with their own unique special ability called Fury and stats tailored to their role on the battlefield. Carefully selecting the right hero for each situation can greatly increase your chances of victory in the arena.

There are three types of heroes: tanks, marksmen, and assassins. In a match, 12 players will fight to be the last one standing. A ring-shaped border will periodically close in, eliminating anyone who falls outside of it.

Players must gather bonus power points by destroying supply boxes and eliminating their opponents to emerge victorious. It's a fight to the finish as all players strive to be the last survivor in Thetan Arena. Aside from Battle Royale, Thetan Arena features six other game modes: DeathMatch, Tower Siege, SuperStar, and Custom Battle.

Is Thetan Arena free to play?

Can you make money playing Thetan Arena?

The Red Village

The Red Village NFT game, The Red Village Web3 game.

What is the Red Village?

Without a doubt, The Red Village is the title with the most interesting lore on the list. We won’t spoil anything by revealing too much information; just know that it involves a merciless Blood Queen and a constant battle between good and evil. Players take on the mantle of champions in the TRV metaverse and fight for fame and the spoils of victory. There are five different classes of champions to choose from in the TRV: barbarian, ranger, druid, paladin, and wizard.

Unleash your formidable Champions and fight for the chance to earn in-game progress, real financial prizes, or even the Champions of your opponents. The players can also journey to the Bloodwraith's lair and summon new Halfblood Champions. By studying and breeding their Champions' attributes, they can create an even more powerful fighting force. So, if you want to compete in The Red Village Tournaments and build a team of unbeatable champions, give it a shot! The Blood Queen (and your wallet) will be pleased with your efforts.

Is the Red Village free to play?

Can you make money playing the Red Village?

In Closing

So there you have it, our list of the best Web3 Battle Royale games. We couldn’t be happier with how good these games are getting. If you liked this article, be sure to check out our other pieces on the best games from various gaming genres like first-person shooters, MMORPGs, strategy games, and more. See you in the next one!