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Top ImmutableX NFT Games

December 13, 2022
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Web3 gaming is becoming the most popular niche in the crypto industry. Here’s a fun fact for you that proves this claim: web3 gaming accounts for over 51% of blockchain activity in the industry. Web3 games require a lot of in-game transactions, so the blockchain they use needs to be fast and affordable for the best user experience. However, the dominant blockchain networks are not optimized for gaming, as they are often congested with traffic from other areas such as NFTs and general transactions. This is why there is a need for a blockchain that’s specifically designed for web3 games. Enter ImmutableX a second-layer solution for the Ethereum blockchain created specifically to support the next generation of Web3 games. With ImmutableX, developers can build faster, cheaper, and more secure games that can provide a smoother experience for gamers. In this piece, we’ll look at some of the best games from the ImmutableX ecosystem. Let’s dive right in.

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ImmutableX Play to Earn games

Avalon, the Druids


Smash Stars 


Guild of Guardians

Ember Sword

War Riders

Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians Web3 game

What is Guild of Guardians?

Guild of Guardians is a fast-paced RPG based in a world that is quite reminiscent of League of Legends. The fantastical world of GoG has many familiar character tropes, like mages, warriors, elves, etc. GOG is not a single-player adventure; instead, you enter its fantasy world with a team of heroes and fight your way through its dark dungeons. Yes, GOG has dungeon instances sort of similar to Big Time. Each instance is filled with a set of challenges that a player needs to complete to make progress. Defeating dungeon monsters and completing objectives will earn you XP points, equipment, and rewards. Players can then use these rewards to upgrade their equipment stack and power levels. All heroes, pets, and in-game items in GoG are ERC-721 tokens (NFTs) that can be traded in the open market. 

Will Guild of Guardians be free to play?

Yes, you can start playing the game without spending a cent!

Can you earn money playing Guild of Guardians?

Yes there are svereal ways you can start earning real money with GoG. Here are some:

  1. Crafting In-game items and selling them in the marketplace.
  2. Merge Heroes to create rare Characters.
  3. Daily Gems Rewards for completing missions.

Ember Sword

Ember Sword ImmutableX Game

What is Ember Sword?

Ember Sword is an ImmutableX based ultimate sandbox MMORPG adventure where the player is in control. Imagine a world where the possibilities are endless and the adventure finds you. A team of imaginative artists, engineers, and game designers have brought this world to life. With community-led gameplay and frictionless PVP and PVE experiences, Ember Sword is a game like no other. And, with the integration of blockchain technology, players can truly own their digital assets.

In Ember Sword, you are the master of your own adventure. Explore, interact, and shape the landscape as you see fit. The game's economy is also in your hands. The groundbreaking AI Game Master ensures that epic and dynamic events are always happening, making sure that every time you log in, there's a new adventure waiting for you and your friends. So, grab your sword and shield, and join the world of Ember Sword, where the adventure is yours for the taking.

Will Ember Sword be free to play?

Yes, Ember Sword will be a free to play title.

Can you earn money playing Ember Sword?

Yes yo can earn in-game tokens playing Ember Sword.

War Riders

War Riders ImmutableX Game

What is War Riders?

War Riders is set in a post-apocalyptic future where the earth has become a wasteland. In this ImmutableX game, players engage in battle with their weaponized vehicles and scour the planet in search of Benzene(BZN).It’s truly a Mad Max scenario where your sole purpose is to blow up vehicles and collect resources to survive . The game features a unique vehicle customization system that allows players to fit their vehicles with a variety of weapons and armor. The game also has an in-game economy where players can trade resources and cryptocurrency. 

Every vehicle within the game is an ERC-721 NFT, meaning that you’ll have full ownership rights over your machine in this hellscape. Also, you don’t have to face the apocalypse alone, create your army and take on other clans to dominate the wasteland. 

Will War Riders be a free to play?

No, you'll have to buy an NFT vehicle to unlock the full gaming experience.

Can you earn money playing War Riders?

Yes, you can start earning Benzene, the tokenized valuable resource of War Riders for taking out opponents in the game. This resource can be used to buy other ingame items or sold in exchange for other tokens.

Avalon: the Druids

Avalon Web3 game

What is Avalon: The Druids?

Let’s start with this upcoming ImmutbaleX title. Avalon’s creators claim that its gaming experience is inspired by Assasin’s Creed, and truly, the trailer makes us feel like we’re watching the gameplay of Brotherhood. Avalon is an immersive, mythological MMORPG where players explore twelve medieval kingdoms in search of adventure, fame, and riches. Players will embark on an epic journey, beginning with the first chapter called "The Druids," and make their way through the mythical city of Camelot, teaming with mythological characters like Elves, the Grand Inquisitor, King Arthur, Orcs, and more. As they complete various quests, players will unravel the mystery behind the collapse of Camelot.

Will Avalon be free to play?

No, Avalon will not be a free to play title. But it will have an unique scholarship program that will allow gamers to playtest the game for free.

Can you earn while playing Avalon: The Druids?

Yes, you can earn real money while playing this game. Here are three ways to earn Avalon's in-game tokens:

  1. Collect sales taxes by owning in-game land.
  2. Complete quests or multiplayer raids to get $AVL or unique Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).
  3. Own manufacturing and hospitality structures to trade goods and create special NFTs.


Thalon Web3 game

What is Thalon?

Next is Thalon, a classic real-time strategy game set in a fantasy world coming to the ImmutableX ecosystem. Players harvest resources, command armies, and battle for bounty rewards in the game.In our opinion, lore makes a strategy game 10x more engaging, and Thalon brings to us a story that easily captures one's imagination. In the game, an ancient cult hero called the Finder comes across a mysterious power source on an alien vessel. The finder observed that this unknown source of energy had the potential to influence everything and named it Thalon. Several centuries after its discovery, Thalon has spread throughout the universe. Space travelers now understand some of its properties; they know it boosts the power of any tool or person that uses it. However, this incredible source of energy and influence is unstable, and this begins an arms race across the universe to try and make a stable version of Thalon. It is likely that whoever achieves this goal will rule over the entire universe.

Will Thalon be free to play?

Yes, Thalon will be a free to play title. You won't be needing to buy an NFT asset to start playing the game.

Can you earn money playing Thalon?

Yes you can earn the game's native currency $THL and NFT collectibles by completing missions in the game.

Smash Stars 

Smash Stars Web3 game

What is Smash Stars?

Smash Stars is a multiplayer arcade car brawler game that aims to provide players with some paced, skill-based brawling action. In the game, players engage in battles inside enclosed platforms that are packed with traps, ramps, and other hazards. No place is safe, and there’s nowhere you can hide. The only option is to fight for your survival. Players are in a battle to the death and must use any and all means at their disposal to defeat their opponents. Whether it be aggressive collisions, powerful weaponry, or a subtle nudge towards a dangerous obstacle, gamers must do whatever it takes to deplete their opponent's health points and emerge victorious. The game requires skills and wit, as players must quickly and accurately dodge shots and outmaneuver their opponents.

Will Smash Stars be free to play?

Yes you can start playing the game right now without buying any assets.

Can you earn money playing the Smash Stars?

Yes, the game touts a new economic model called Play-to-own that gives players in game assets for completing missions and other objectives. You can easily sell these assets in the open market for real cash.


Illuvium P2E Game

What is Illuvium?

In Illuvium, you take on the role of a survivor of an intergalactic fleet that was sent to investigate a mysterious distress call. Upon arriving at the planet, you find a world of destruction and radiation that is not entirely devoid of life. Roaming through the ruins are powerful, god-like creatures known as Illuvials, who seem to have obtained their power from the radiation. To survive in this hostile environment, players must mine, harvest, and fight off illuvials. There are similarities to Odyssey, but the theme and styling of Illuvium make it a unique experience. Your mission is to capture Illuvials, build a team of these mythical creatures, and solve the mystery of the Overworld's destruction. To add to the game's dynamic, each Illuvial is tokenized, allowing players to trade their captured beasts.

Is Illuvium free to play?

Yes, you can play the tier 0 level of Illuvium for free. The game allows you to experience its rich environment and gameplay so you can make an informed decision about whether you want to play to unlock the full experience or not.

Can you earn money while Ethereum?

Yes, you can earn ETH while playing Illuvim and swap that for cash in the open market.

In Closing

ImmutableX is arguably the best platform to build a Web3 game. For some strange reason, the adoption of the network is lagging in the industry. But web3 gaming experts recognize the potential of ImmutableX, and we believe that it's soon going to be the home for several industry-leading games in a couple of years.  If you liked this article, be sure to check out our other pieces on the best games from various gaming genres like first-person shootersMMORPGs, strategy games, and more. See you in the next one!. Until next time!