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Top 10 Polygon Games to Play in 2023

December 6, 2022
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Polygon Games are taking over

Polygon is making waves in the Web3 world as the go-to choice for many projects. Its success is due to a combination of factors: first, Ethereum has a great reputation, but its popularity leads to high transaction costs and network congestion. Polygon offers a solution with lower costs and faster transactions, all while maintaining Ethereum's security. Additionally, Polygon actively partners and supports projects in the Web3 space, particularly in niche areas like NFTs, metaverse, and gaming. This makes it a standout compared to other chains and it's why gaming ecosystem on Polygon is rapidly growing. Get ready to be blown away as we introduce you to some of the hottest new games on Polygon that you won't want to miss!

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Obviously, no project becomes successful without strong leadership and a passionate community driving it. It’s rare to see chain founders giving attention to up-and-coming projects on their platform. Props to Sandeep Nailwal and Ryan Wyatt for routinely giving shoutouts to even the smallest projects on Polygon and the amazing community of builders on the chain that keep it buzzing.

Polygon’s play-to-earn games

Life Beyond


Taunt Battleworld

Phantom Galaxies

Infinite Drive 


Blast Royale

The Fabled


Galaxy Fight Club

Life Beyond

Life Beyond web3 game

What is Life Beyond?

Life Beyond takes you to the alien planet of Dolos where you can create new societies. It's similar to Star Atlas but with a steampunk twist. However, players must be cautious as the planet is plagued with a nanotech infection that is causing widespread destruction in this ancient world. Once a land mass is successfully conquered in the game, it can be transformed into habitable regions for other players to settle in. But starting new societies from the ground up is no easy task. Your faction will need to come up with the necessary power structures, economic policies, and general infrastructure to ensure survival. Join a clan, explore the massive multiplayer online Web3 game, and restart the world on the planet of Dolos.

Can you Life Beyond for free?

Yes, Life Beyond will be a free to play title upon release. However, there will be voluntary in-app purchases.

How to earn money while playing Life Beyond?

Yes you will have the opportunity to earn token rewards while playing Life Beyond. You can convert these crypto tokens into fiat money in the open market. The game also enable players to craft their own weapons which can be turned into NFTs. These in-game assets will also have financial value in the game's marketplace.


Arsenal Web3 game. Polygon game Arsenal

What is Arsenal FPS?

If you're looking for a thrilling and immersive first-person shooter game, look no further than Arsenal. Despite being relatively unknown in the world of Web3 games, it offers gameplay that is just as exciting as popular titles like Counter-Strike, Apex Legends, and Valorant. The game is still in its early stages of development, but it's already on track to becoming a top Web3 shooter. The game offers a variety of ways to play, including Free Play, Automated Tournaments, and Tournaments organized by Fabwelt. On top of all that, players can earn WELT tokens as they progress through the game, making it even more rewarding. Players can have fun playing with friends or against other players from around the world and earn WELT tokens at the same time

Is Arsenal free to play?

Yes, Arsenal is completely free to play. In fact they recently released a mobile version of the game. go check it out.

Can you make money playing Arsenal?

Yes, you earn WELT tokens for essentially every kill in the game. These tokens can be converted into fiat money through crypto exchanges like Binance.

Taunt Battleworld

Taunt Battleworld Polygon Game

What is Taunt Battleworld?

Taunt Battleworld is a post-apocalyptic NFT fighting game simulator where players lead their Acolyte Warriors to victory in a world transformed by Old Gods into the ultimate battleground. This game offers a unique twist on traditional fighting games, as players are not only rewarded for winning, but also for their taunting skills. With 25,000 of the greatest warriors summoned to fight for supremacy, the competition will be fierce. But players who can outsmart and out-taunt their opponents have the potential to become the champion of Battleworld. Are you ready to join the fray and show off your taunting abilities? Gather your warriors and let's get ready to rumble in Taunt Battleworld.

Is Taunt Battleworld free to play?

While you'll need an NFT character to unlock the full game. Taunt Battleworld gives players the opportunity to experience the game for free with its Outsider program. They basically give you a free character upon account creation that you can use to enter daily Taunt Battleworld tournaments.

Can you make money playing Taunt Battleworld?

Taunt Battleworld has put its own spin on web3 gaming economic models. They have created two new Play-to-Ern variants which they call Engage to Earn. So players can start earning game token by wither winning the matches, predciting the outcome of other player's matches or by even watching a match.

Phantom Galaxies

Phantom Galaxies P2E Game

What is Phantom Galaxies?

Phantom Galaxies is a sci-fi mecha RPG that lets players control mechanized robots, known as starfighters, in deep space battles. The game's high-graphics and third-person shooter gameplay rivals many established Web2 titles. With four chapters released for its alpha test, it's already shaping up to be a top-notch AAA-game. As the game continues to release more chapters, players can expect to dive deeper into its rich lore and characters. It shares similarities with another popular Web3 title, Star Atlas, but is farther along in development, with four chapters already playable. Players can explore deep space, go on side quests or defend their home territory.

Is Phantom Galaxies free to play?

No Phantom Galaxies is not a free to play title. You'll need to buy a Genesis NFT to access the game. You can buy one for as low as $3 on OpenSea though

Can you make money playing Phantom Galaxies?

Yes you can earn some dough by completing missions in the game and going through the storyline. Collect valuable NFT resources and in-game items and sell them in the game's marketplace for tokens.


Koakuma Web3 Game

What is Koakuma?

Koakuma is an action-packed MMO-ARPG that will transport you to a world of adventure. Built on BSC and Polygon, this game offers smooth transitions and low fees, making your gaming experience more enjoyable. The visuals and gameplay are unique, drawing inspiration from some of the classic games like Gigantic, World of Warcraft, Diablo and Hades. The story of the game begins in a world where all is barren, but after a massive meteorite crashes on earth, the world starts to transform. The heat from the collision causes a heavy rain that lasts for 100 days, the rain nourishes the land and new life starts to emerge. The world is now full of variety of maps, each with its own unique boss fight.

Is Koakuma free to play?

Yes you can play Koakuma for free. Furthermore, as the game is built on top of Polygon you can rest assured that there will be no high gas fees eating away at you bank balance as you play the game.

Can you make money playing Koakuma?

Yes you can earn tokens while playing Koakuma, but you'll have to buy an NFT charcter for that. Once you acquire an NFT avatar start completing mission in the game and acquire in-game NFT items.

Galaxy Fight Club

Galaxy Fight Club Polygon Game

What is Galaxy Fight Arena?

Galaxy Fight Club is an exciting new project that allows players to engage in player versus player battles using various IP collections. It's a multiplayer online battle arena where players can use their NFT characters to compete against others. In addition to being a battle arena, GFC also aims to serve as the official cross-IP platform for the NFT universe, allowing for unique and unexpected battles between different collections (such as CryptoPunks and BAYC Ape, although these collections have not yet partnered with GFC).

Is Galaxy Fight Arena free to play?

Yes, you don't need an NFT character to start playing this game. It players can download the game on their mobile devices and begin playing with a base character and weapon. However, to maximize earnings, players can purchase Genesis Galaxy Fighters or characters from partnered collections.

Can you make money playing Galaxy Fight Arena?

Yes, you can earn tokens by collecting key fragments to unlock loot boxes, participating in weekly tournaments for a chance to win ETH, forging weapons to sell in the game's marketplace, or renting out one's Genesis fighter to other players for passive income.

Infinite Drive 

Infinite Drive Web3 game

What is Infinite Drive?

Infinite Drive is a real-life driving metaverse made for car enthusiasts. In the game, you can buy non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of actual vehicles to construct your own special car collection. You can also exchange, rent, or race your vehicles in multiple races and contests. Whether you're a casual player or a hardcore competitor, there is always an enjoyable activity to do in Infinite Drive. According to the developers, players can download the game for free and play it without ever using a crypto wallet if they wish. The Web3 elements are only introduced in the game when the player wishes to access them. The best part about the game, other than its incredible graphics and dynamic gameplay, is that the cars in it are not knockoff copies but based on real cars. Infinite Drive partners up with car manufacturers and turns their designs into NFTs that can be used to race in its metaverse.

Is Infinite Drive free to play?

Yes, Infinite Drive is a free to play title. In fact you can download the game right now and start testing the horse power of some of the best cars in the world.

Can you make money playing Infinite Drive?

Yes, you earn while racing supercars in this title. But first you'll need to buy an NFT car for that. Win races, collect NFT rewards.


Shatterpoint Web3 game.

What is Shatterpoint?

Ah, the game with the most interesting lore on the list: Shatterpoint. It's an action-packed RPG where the players compete against each other and the clock to avoid the Shattering. which is an irreversible event that will reset all progress made by non-NFT heroes. The game is highly skill-dependent, so players must invest time and effort to make progress. Face each challenge, beat opponents, and collect rare items as you try to turn your non-NFT hero into a NFT hero in Shatterpoint. Here is the amazing lore we were talking about: The interstice, the space between dimensions, is growing increasingly fragile. This will eventually lead to the Shattering, a phenomenon where time warps, twists, and combines until it reverts back to its original state, only to be shattered again. Everyone goes on without knowing what's happening, except for Karluq. With his memories and power intact, Karluq is able to identify individuals who can help him: travelers who are vessels of free awareness. In the game, you play as one of these travelers, battling your way through the Overworld and attempting to survive the Shattering.The game hosts both player-vs-player (PvP) mode and player-vs-environment (story mode).

Is Shatterpoint free to play?

Yes Shatterpoint will be a free to play title.

Can you make money playing Shatterpoint?

Yes you can earn the in-game currency of Shatterpoint by competing and winning in player vs player(PvP) and player vs environment battles. You can also rent out your NFT characters to other players in return and earn some passive income.

Blast Royale

Blast Royale Polygon Game

What is Blast Royale?

Blast Royale is an exciting, fast-paced, action-packed Battle Royale-style game. The developers' goal is to bring engaging and enjoyable experiences to the blockchain and to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency. Players are the owners of their own assets and can actively participate in the game. If you have previously played Fortnite or PUBG, you’re more than familiar with the Battle Royale genre. The Shadow Zone for each match will be randomly selected during matchmaking, with players dropping into the match at the place they chose. The objective of the game is pretty simple: fight all your competitors to be the last man standing. Playing a match requires three different items to be equipped; these can be either NFTs or, don't worry, you can use non-NFT equipment in the Free-to-Play layer.

Is Blast Royale free to play?

Blast Royale developers claim that their game is built on two principles - free to play and fun to earn. Meaning that you experience the game for free and have a ton of fun earning token rewards for going on epic killing sprees.

Can you make money playing Blast Royale?

Yes, you can earn Blast tokens by winning tournaments and engaging in community activities within the game. These tokens can be used to purchase equipment, upgrade them, and even craft items. It's a great way to improve your gameplay experience and make your character stronger.

The Fabled

The Fabled Polygon Game.

What is the Fabled?

Lastly, an upcoming title The Fabled is a mythological RPG built in Unreal Engine 5. The story takes place in the Abyss as you guide your character through a series of levels. Challenges and foes present themselves throughout the game; overcome them, endure them, and triumph. The Abyss is a chaotic, boundless, and unpredictable entity that corrupts everything it touches. No one has yet been able to figure out who opened these portals or how they were built, but fabled beings across the metaverse have taken it upon themselves to solve this mystery. Choose between three character classes—Gods, Demons, and Warriors—as you embark on an epic quest to discover the truth behind the mysterious portals. Test your abilities and bravery as you fight to uncover the truth and unravel the mysteries of The Fabled.

Will the Fabled be free to play?

Yes, the Fabled is a free to play action RPG, built on Unreal Engine 5. You can straight up download the game and start playing.

Can you make money playing the Fabled?

The developers have not yet revealed if players will get in game tokens for progressing in the game. But the whitepaper confirms that there will be extremely valuable NFTs in the Fabled that you can sell in the open market.


Wow, Polygon houses some pretty amazing games. We hope that you find the game listed above engaging and fun to play. On Polygon, the Web3 gaming scene is still in its infancy. Many of the top games in Web3 are still choosing Solana and Ethereum. But, within a year or two, we guess Polygon has a strong chance to become a dominant chain in Web3 gaming. Looking at the quality of the game's above it might happen even sooner. If you liked this article, be sure to check out our other pieces on the best games from various gaming genres like first-person shootersMMORPGs, strategy games, and more. See you in the next one!

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