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Top Solana P2E Games

December 4, 2022
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The world of Web3 gaming is constantly evolving, and developers are always on the lookout for primitives that allow them to improve the user experience. The Solana blockchain is becoming an attractive platform for developers due to its scalability, low latency, and affordable transaction costs. No wonder some of the best games coming out of the space such as Star Atlas and Ev.io are choosing Solana. We’ve done the research to pull together this comprehensive selection, which features some of the most exciting and innovative titles available on Solana. Whether you’re a fan of classic adventure games, fast-paced action titles, or something in between, you’ll find something to love in this list.

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Let’s dive right into it. 

Solana's Play-to-Earn Games


Boss Fighters


Star Atlas

Rocket Monsters



Monkey League




MetaOps web3 game

What is MetaOps?

MetaOps is an exciting FPS game built on the Solana blockchain. Get ready to join your friends in the battlefield, level up characters and weapons, and go on a rampage to get rewarded with in-game tokens. The graphics and the gameplay of MetaOps are so advanced that they are similar to those in Call of Duty titles. MetaOps has adopted a Kill-to-Earn model which is becoming increasingly popular. Players are rewarded with in-game tokens when they annihilate their enemies. These tokens can then be exchanged for the game's tokens or mystery boxes containing NFTs. Every item in the game, like weapons, skins, and characters, is an NFT which can be bought, sold, or traded in the in-game marketplace.

Is MetaOps free-to-play?

The game is free to play. Players can buy special NFT characters and items though.

Can you earn money playing MetaOps?

Yes you'll be able to earn token rewards and NFT equipment while playing the game.

Boss Fighters

Boss Fighters NFT game.

What is Boss Fighters?

BOSS FIGHTERS is a multiplayer action game that pits a VR player as a powerful boss monster against a team of PC players. The game offers both online multiplayer and couch co-op party mode options for players. The unique blend of ability-based shooter mechanics and VR physics sandbox creates an innovative experience that is sure to shake up the gaming landscape. The VR player gets to experience the sense of scale and power as a giant boss, while the PC players must rely on teamwork, cunning, and agility to take it down. Join in on the free-to-play battles as either a Boss or Fighter, and strive to become a futuristic superstar gladiator while earning valuable rewards such as skins and items.

Is Boss Fighters free to play?

According to the developers th egame iss essentially free to play. As the players can acquire every in-game items by completing missions and taking down bosses. But if they wish to access bigger prize pools they'll have to

Can you earn money playing Boss Fighters?

Yes there are multiple ways for you to make money in the Boss fighters universe. The game feature unique play-to-earn mechanics such as Watch-toearn, Virtual Reality(VR) move-to-earn and play-to-own.


Bladerite NFT game.

What is Bladerite?

Bladerite is a cold weapon-focused battle royale game that will test your survival skills and strategy. With three thrilling modes to choose from, you'll never run out of ways to conquer the competition.

In Solo mode, players spawn into the arena alone and must rely on their own tactics and skill to be the last player standing. If you prefer a little teamwork, try Duo mode where you'll be paired up with another player to take on other duos in a fight to the finish. And if you're all about the loot, give Loot mode a try, where players can only play solo and are rewarded at the end of the match if they make it to the top ranks. But beware, a punishment will be applied to those ranked at the bottom.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your weapon of choice and jump into the arena for a chance to claim valuable rewards and prove yourself as the ultimate Bladerite champion.

Is Bladerite free to play?

Yes Bladerite is a free to play title.

Can you earn money playing Bladerite?

Yes, you get rewards that have real economic for ranking high on the leaderboard in Loot Mode.

Star Atlas

What is Star Atlas?

Star Atlas is a grand strategy and space exploration MMO game. The team behind the game has crafted an incredible lore where humanity has mastered interstellar travel, androids exist as sentient beings, and aliens roam the universe. The core storyline of the game revolves around the intense struggle between these three factions as they compete for resources, political power, and survival. Will you join the fight and shape the future of the universe in Star Atlas? This game is perfect for those who love the escapism of gaming and the benefits of decentralization and digital ownership. Are you ready to venture into the vastness of space and make your mark in the Star Atlas metaverse.

Is Star Atlas free to play?

No, Star Atlas is not free to play. You'll need to buy a NFT character to access the game.

Can you earn money playing Star Atlas?

Yes, Star Atlas will have arguably the biggest virtual game economy in the web3 space. You'll have lots of opportunity to earn real financial value in this metaverse.


What is Decimated?

Let’s kick this off with a hot title: Decimated is an upcoming Web3 MMORPG built with Unreal Engine. You already know that means the game will have incredible graphics. But that’s not all, what impressed us was the game’ lore. Here’s a look: "After centuries of damaging climate change and corporations and industries disregarding the environment, citizens have left the earth. Political and social turmoil have left the once dazzling cities of the world in disarray and unsafe for habitation. "Human civilization has ruined itself, but a cyborg force still maintains authority over the destroyed landscape.".

The outcasts such as criminals, political dissidents, and the needful were left to rot. These indignant scour the lost cities of Earth in search of resources to stay alive. hiding their existence from the Cyborg and constantly at odds with Cyborg forces ready to eliminate them at any time. The game offers a PvP mode in which the players take on each other for scarce resources, and a PvE mode in which you fight the oppressive Cyborg force to earn your right to stay alive.

Is Decimated a free to play title?

Yes, Decimated is a free to play survival RPG. However the game is not live right now. If you want to playtest Decimated then head to their Discord and reach level 25 to become a Veteran. Another way is to become a patreon backer.

Can you earn money playing Decimated?

The game has not released any information about its play to earn mechanics as of yet, but you could earn passive rewards by staking tokens in the Decimated universe.


What is Aurory?

Aurory is an exciting new free-to-play role playing game built on the Solana network. The story of the game appears to be a social commentary on the state of our world. Ancient forces inhabit the land of Antik in the virtual world of Aurory and control all essential resources, while the rest of the residents live under their thumb. In contrast, wondrous creatures called Nefties inhabit the new world of Tokane where wealth and power are decentralized and no single entity holds control over another.

On closer observation, it becomes clear that developers are trying to show the distinction between Web2 and Web3 through the game. According to the lore, the powers of Antik discover the new world of Tokane and decide to establish their control over it. In the game, you play as Sam, an Antik dissident who becomes a refugee in Tokane.Sam defends the world of Tokane from the invading forces of Antik with the help of the first nefty ever created, called Helios. Along the way, Sam collects a group of other powerful Nefties to help him on his mission. 

Is Aurory a free to play title?

Yes, Aurory is a free to play, turn based JRPG. The alpha version of its basic mode(tactics) is live now, head to their website to test it.

Can you earn money playing Aurory?

Yes, you'll be able to earn token rewards ($AURY) while playing Aurory.

Monkey League

What is Monkey League?

Monkey League answers the question, ‘What if the energy, excitement, and competitiveness of street soccer met the strategic thinking of chess?" It’s an engaging soccer game that requires strategic planning along with tactical skills to achieve success. The competitors in the game are represented by Monkey NFTs (not BAYC). These apes occupy the roles of striker, midfielder, defender, and goalie. In the game, players create a team of four Monkeyballers . Each baller has core skills such as attack, defense, passing, and accuracy. Matches are played over multiple rounds between two squads of four monkeyballers each. During a round, both teams get a turn in which they make a sequence of moves until they are no longer in control of the ball or manage to score a point. Similar to a chess match, players need to make the best move with their ballers out of their available options.

Is Monkey League free to play?

No, Monkey League isn't a free-to-play title you'll need to buy 4 Monkey NFTs to start playing the game.

Can you earn money playing Monkey League?

Yes you get Monkey Bucks($MBS) token for winning matches in the game.


What is Cryowar?

CryoWar is a cutting-edge, real-time MMORPG built with the Unreal Engine on the Solana network. In the game, players engage in intense multi-realm battles in a vast sci-fi medieval virtual universe. This is an intense competition of skill, where the most talented players are vying for resources, territories, and overall dominance. They want to build an ecosystem that has deflationary tokenomics and integrates blockchain enabled features like staking into regular gameplay. 

Here’s a piece of the lore for you: Since the dawn of time, the planet of Solariance has been governed by four merciless deities in an eternal battle for control. The legends tell us that following a lengthy and merciless battle, the gods eventually entered an extended hibernation. The inhabitants of Solariance were eventually able to exist in harmony. However, 10,000 years have gone and two of the vengeful gods are back to wreck havoc. In an effort to save their worshippers from the impending disaster, benign dieties have also returned and are ready to fight alongside their devotees to put a stop to this ancient story.

Is Cryowar free to play?

Yes, Cryowar will be a free to play title.

Can you earn money playing Cryowar?

Yes, you can get financial rewards for playing the game and staking tokens within its economy.

In Closing

There you have it, our list of the best new games on the Solana network. TBH, we feel that the Solana eco-system has an overall better quality of Web3 games than the Ethereum eco-system. The reason for that is not obvious to us, but we can’t deny the obvious. It looks like the most impressive Web3 games are created on Solana, which is why the Solana core developers must prioritize stability and prevent downtimes. With that, we leave you with these amazing titles; check them out and let us know your favorites in the comments and on our social media.  If you liked this article, be sure to check out our other pieces on the best games from various gaming genres like first-person shootersMMORPGs, strategy games, and more. See you in the next one!Until next time!