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Best Web3 Role Playing Games(RPGs)

November 23, 2022
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What would you say if someone asked you why we play games? The answer might be different for every gamer, but there are some reasons that we can all agree upon. Aside from being an insanely fun experience, games allow us to step outside of ourselves and experience a new reality. Gaming provides a sort of escapism from daily life, which can get a little monotonous and boring at times. There’s no better genre of game than RPGs, or role-playing games, at providing that escapism. RPGs hook players with fascinating concepts that we can’t experience in the real world, such as magic, space travel, ancient mysteries, ghouls, zombies, angels, aliens, etc.We have dug deep to bring you some of the current and upcoming web3 RPGs.

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Best Play to Earn Role Playing Games

Big Time

War of Ants

Champions Ascension

Stella Fantasy

Outland Odyssey


Guilds of Guardians 


Big Time

Big Time Role Playing game

What is Big Time?

Big Time is a AAA web3 role playing game that takes players on an epic adventure to save the world from a mysterious threat that is destroying the existence of time. The game combines fantasy combat, collectible NFTs, and a history-spanning adventure to create an unprecedented gaming experience. It seamlessly blends the fast-paced action of God of War with the co-op mechanics found in popular games like World of Warcraft and Diablo. Both crypto and non-crypto players can easily access the Big Time universe and enjoy the comprehensive gameplay, making it one of the first AAA blockchain games that truly excites and entertains players. Join the fight and experience an unforgettable adventure in Big Time.

Is Big Time free to play?

Yes Big Time is a free to play title that requires no upfront investment.

Can you make money playing Big Time?

Yes, Big time is a play-to-earn title. This means you can earn crypto rewards while playing the game.

War of Ants

War of Ants Role Playing game

What is War of Ants?

War of Ants is a real-time PVP strategy game that allows players to compete against one another in a battle for survival. Players can collect crypto-backed units and artifacts to wage war against rival colonies. The game also functions as a platform for trading units for coins and coins for crypto, and for depositing and withdrawing NFTs and other digital assets. Players must create custom offensive and defensive units to win blockchain-based rewards in global PvP battles. The ultimate goal is to lead the colony to victory as the queen of the colony in real-time strategy PvP mobile game.

Is War of Ants free to play?

Yes, you can download the early access version of the game right now from the Play Store.

Can you earn money playing War of Ants?

There are multiples ways to earn money playing War of Ants. Here are some of them - Win tournaments, lookout for Airdrops, earn token rewards with referrals etc.

Champions Ascension

Champions Ascension Role Playing Game

What is Champions Ascension?

Champions Ascension is a Web3 adventure role playing game that immerses players in a fantasy world shaped by the players themselves. The game is set in the Colosseum Eternal, an arena that brings back the Roman Empire's gladiator days, but this time in a virtual world. It's a place where high-stakes adventure and fighting gameplay collide with rich lore and characters living within the world of Massina. Players will own, train, and equip NFT champions as they strive to bring glory to their house in Massina through engaging in gladiatorial combat.

In the current pre-alpha stage of the game, players will focus heavily on player vs. player combat, with the promise of player vs. environment gameplay down the road. The goal is simple: two players enter the arena, and only one can come out victorious. And the performance of players in the arena is influenced by four major factors: weapons, family, essence, and parts. Players can earn blockchain-based rewards by emerging victorious in the arena.

Is Champions Ascension free to play?

No, Champions Ascension is not a free to play title. You'll need to buy an NFT character to start playing the game.

Can you earn money while playing Champions Ascension?

Yes, you can earn NFT rewards by winning battles in Champions Ascension. Earn passive income by Staking Prime Eternals or trade land plots.

Stella Fantasy

Stella Fantasy Role Playing game

What is Stella Fantasy?

Stella Fantasy is an anime inspired Web3 role playing game that immerses players in a fantasy world filled with high-quality real-time action combat. Using the Unreal 4 engine, over 20 anime characters of the highest quality have been crafted to provide a truly polished gameplay experience. These characters serve as the foundation for an ever-expanding IP and ecosystem, with plans to expand into a multi-metaverse platform. Players can explore the vast world of Stella Fantasy, facing off against various foes and growing alongside charming anime-style characters. All the digital assets earned throughout the game, such as characters, equipment, and other goods, will be stored in players' wallets as tokens and NFTs. Furthermore, players can earn economic rewards for engaging with the game's ecosystem and organic communication system.

Is Stella Fantasy free to play?

Yes, Stella Fantasy will be a free to play title. You'll be able to download the game straight to your PC for free.

Can you earn money playing Stella Fantasy?

Yes you can money while Stella Fantasy by creating a well crafted players that will yield valubale rewards such as NFTs and STFY tokens.

Outland Odyssey

Outland Odyssey Role playing game

What is Outland Odyssey?

Starting off strong with the best game on this list Outland Odyssey is an action RPG set in a dying metaverse. The stakes couldn't be higher in Outland Odyssey: the whole universe is collapsing due to an ancient curse, but the destruction is not certain, and there’s a chance that the heroes might actually save the world. But reversing the apocalypse is never easy—the key to survival lies in the hands of Mornuin, the Great Keeper of Existence.

The lore built by Project Seed is amazing in itself, but what makes OO one of the best RPGs in Web3 are elements like mobile support, great graphics, and a balanced economy. Mobile is a big deal for web3 gaming, as most developers are only building for PCs currently. OO is a great game to represent Web3 gaming’s growth. In the campaign mode, players hunt, capture, and train mythical creatures called Zeds. The creatures then help the protagonists on their journey.

Is Outland Odyssey a free to play title?

You can download Outland Odyssey and start playing right now but you'll need to buy an NFT to start earning from the game.

Can you earn money while playing Outland Odyssey?

Yes, you can earn O2 tokens while completing various quests in Outland Odyssey.


Illuvium RPG

What is Illuvium?

Our next entry on the list is no slouch either—in fact, it's one of the most popular games in web3 gaming. Illuvium is an open-world RPG set in the Overworld, an alien landscape. In the game, you take on the role of a survivor of an intergalactic fleet that was en route to investigate a distress call. You discover that the call for help came from a destroyed planet that reeks of radiation. To your surprise, not everyone on the planet was dead—there are majestic beasts running amuck on the destroyed planet. many of whom possess god-like abilities.

These creatures are called Illuvials, and they likely got their powers from the radiation spill. To survive in this hostile world, players mine, harvest, and fight off Illuvials. Your primary objective within the game is to capture Illuvials, build a team of these mythical creatures, and solve the mystery of Overworld’s destruction. Every illuvial in the game is tokenized, which means players can actually trade their captured beasts.

Is Illuvium a free to play?

Illuvium has a Tier-0 region mode that you can play for free and get a taste of the game. However to unlock other modes you'll need to assemble a team of NFT characters.

Can you earn money while playing Illuvium?

Yes you can earn ILV tokens by winning in the competions and touraments of Illuvium. Furthermore, you can capture rare Illuvials and sell them as NFTs in the game's marketplace.

Now we’re entering the upcoming titles territory - these games have not yet released but the teams have put a lot of  information out there that lets us know that these titles will be amazing. Note that a lot of people in web3 gaming only put out roadmaps and never deliver. It's our responsibility to encourage you to do your own research before investing in any unreleased games. 

Guild of Guardians 

Guild of Guardians Web3 game

What is Guild of Guardians?

Guild of Guardians is a fast-paced RPG based in a world that is quite reminiscent of League of Legends. The fantastical world of GoG has many familiar character tropes, like mages, warriors, elves, etc. GOG is not a single-player adventure; instead, you enter its fantasy world with a team of heroes and fight your way through its dark dungeons. Yes, GOG has dungeon instances sort of similar to Big Time. Each instance is filled with a set of challenges that a player needs to complete to make progress. Defeating dungeon monsters and completing objectives will earn you XP points, equipment, and rewards. Players can then use these rewards to upgrade their equipment stack and power levels.

Is Guild of Guardians free to play?

Yes you'll be able to enjoy Guild of Guardians without spending a dime!

Can you make money while playing Guild of Guardians?

Yes, you can compete in any of the Guild competitions held by the Guild of Guardians and earn NFT rewards.


Shatterpoint Role playing game

What is Shatterpoint?

Shatterpoint is a free-to-play action packed RPG built on top of the blockchain. In the Shatterpoint metaverse, players battle against time and other players to escape the Shattering. which is an irrevocable phenomenon in the game that reverses all the progress that non-NFT heroes have made in the game. What we like about the game is that there’s a huge skill component that’s required to make progress in the game. meaning that players can’t really focus on just strong characters; they've got to put in the work. Steadily push through all the obstacles that the game throws at you, defeat your enemies, gather valuable resources, and you might just be able to turn your non-NFT hero into a NFT hero.

Is Shatterpoint free to play?

Yes Shatterpoint will be a free to play title.

Can you earn money while Shatterpoint?

Yep, Shatterpoint will reward crypto tokens and NFTs to the players for completing various quests and challenges in the game.

In Closing

There you have it, our list of the best web-based RPGs at the moment. While we would have loved to explore more games and let you know about them - the truth is there aren’t many Web3 RPGs on the market right now. Regardless, because RPGs are such a popular gaming genre, we can expect to see a lot more of them in the future.

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