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Community Building Masterclass 

October 27, 2022
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GM Tigers, 

Community is one of the most important aspects of a Web3 project. After all, it's the community that keeps a project alive and kicking, right?

But managing a group of stakeholders with diverse self-interests is hard (our community manager will attest to this). That’s why we called our friends from Crew3, the most popular Web3 community management platform, XBorg, one of the most competitive Web3 gaming communities, and KryptView, an upcoming research to earn platform that plans to give you a masterclass in community building. Here’s a recap for ya!

How to Put Community First?

We asked our speakers how they put their community first:

Xborg: XBorg is one of the most competitive Web3 gaming communities. They’ve got some of the best players in some of the most exciting games like EV.IO, Gods Unchained and Sky Weaver etc.  Apart from managing a community of highly competitive players, the company also develops amazing Web3 gaming tools. Xborg co-founder Louis tells us that the community comes at the core of what they do. In fact, they are planning to gradually decentralize Xborg in order to give the community true ownership over the project. The project has also allocated 10% of its token supply to the community. 

Crew3: Crew3 is a community engagement platform that allows Web3 projects to interact and engage their followers with different quests and challenges. (Crew3 was too OP for this question).

Kryptview: KryptView is a research-to-earn platform where users can submit their personal research on any given token and earn crypto rewards for their contributions. The platform aims to gamify the research process and leverage the collective intelligence of its community to seek out unique market insights. The top contributors climb up the Kryptview leaderboard and unlock more rewards, which resembles highly skilled players climbing the charts of a game like Valorant or League of Legends. The whole design and business model of Kryptview is community. 

Web2 vs Web3 Communities

Some readers might wonder what's so special about the community in Web3. There are quite a lot of communities in the Web2 world as well. The thing is, Web3 technologies like tokens allow creators of a platform to share the ownership of the said platform with their users (community). In Web2, capital and executive power are centralized, whereas in Web3, they are spread across the community. Innovation flourishes in freedom as we see some of the most innovative applications and systems in the world are open source while monopolies, with their unlimited power and resources, often become complacent. Communities are the "make or break" factor for Web3 gaming projects. It’ll not be an exaggeration to say that the success of a Web3 project relies heavily on the state of its community. One of the ways Web3 projects can put their community first is by involving them in governance. 

Communicating with the Community

An important question to keep in mind while working on your community building strategy is "What are you going to share with them?" According to Sami, your message should clearly convey the purpose and vision of your project. The second thing the leadership should do is turn the purpose of their project into 'quests' or 'tasks’ that they can complete with their followers. 

Communities are built around purpose and trust. If you say that the community members will receive certain rewards upon completing a task or a bounty, you better make sure that they do receive those rewards. Accountability towards your community, making good on your promises is essential to building credibility.

Once you establish trust with your community, they essentially become evangelists for the project. The leadership of the project then should focus on empowering the community members and using them to spread the message of the project further. This can be done by giving the members information and resources that are not usually available to them. Many Web3 projects even end up hiring competent members from their community.  

Louis, the founder of Kryptview, believes that Web3 projects should consult their communities before making major decisions.This can include product or service launches, campaigns, events, etc. He explains that in Web3, community members are basically your most loyal customers, and it’s a lot easier to sell a product to someone who already wants it.

Alpha Time


  • Crew3 is working on improving its quest board, making it even easier by adding more templates.
  • On the contributor side, they are making the platform more gamified and easier to navigate.
  • Lastly, the company is building a CRM of sorts that’ll allow community managers to collect and analyze important data points about their community. 


The beta version of KryptView’s research-to-earn platform is going live on October 10, 2022. Join their discord(link) now for more pre-launch alpha. Users can log in, create their account, and start earning XP by contributing their own research or reviewing other submissions by other users. 


The hybrid esports organization is soon to release a quest marketplace where users can earn crypto rewards for doing meaningful work[sic]. Furthermore, they are also about to unveil Mission badges that will allow gamers to own their gaming data. 

In Closing 

Woah! That one was jam-packed with alpha. These organizations are pushing the boundaries of community building in their respective niches. We hope this article provided you with some useful insights to use in your own community-building efforts. Stay tuned to Tegro to learn from some of the best minds in Web3 gaming.