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Fabwelt: Building a High-End Gaming Metaverse with Web3 Technology

February 17, 2023
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GM Tigers, this week we had Abhishek Pegada from the Fabwelt ecosystem for our weekly Twitter spaces. We discussed the fabulous ecosystem that guys at Fabwelt are building, their innovative approach to building interoperable NFTs and the amazing games that they are building. Don;t worry if you missed the chat though, we got some of the best insights for you right here!


Fabwelt is a web3 gaming company with a unique philosophy of building high-end games that prioritize fun and deploy blockchain benefits. The company aims to create a huge gaming metaverse with a universal world of NFTs that will be interoperable with all upcoming games. In this article, we will explore what inspired Abhishek to enter the world of web3 gaming and how they plan to revolutionize the gaming industry.

The Appeal of Web3 Gaming

Abhishek was inspired by the limitless possibilities of web3 gaming. He wanted to create a gaming experience that was not limited to a single game's ecosystem. Web3 technologies like tokens allow players to take their assets out of a game's ecosystem and even trade them in the open market. Additionally, the web3 platform gives players an active role in the development process, making them real stakeholders and true evangelists of the game. Abhishek's passion for gaming and web3 technology led him to create Fabwelt.

Challenges of Web3 Gaming

One of the major challenges faced by Fabwelt was the absence of an optimal chain in the market for gaming dapps. While some blockchains are making waves in this area, each of them lacks in some area or another. Fabwelt aims to eliminate issues that arise due to this blockchain dilemma by creating their own blockchain. Abhishek understands the importance of a reliable and efficient blockchain for the success of a web3 game. The Fabwelt team is working tirelessly to overcome these challenges and create a blockchain that will cater to their specific needs.

Universal NFTs

Fabwelt's universal NFTs are a game-changer in the industry. Instead of having to purchase different NFTs for every game played, Fabwelt offers a single universal NFT that can be used in every game they release. This simplifies the buying process for players and eliminates the annoyance of having to buy NFTs for every game played. Fabwelt's NFTs will be interoperable across their entire metaverse, providing players with a seamless experience across all games.

The Road Ahead

Fabwelt's first title, Arsenal, is a web3 first-person shooter that has already attracted a considerable player base. However, their high-end games have also led to a loss of players who are only interested in simple games that they could make money with. Despite this challenge, Fabwelt continues to innovate and improve their games. Abhishek and his team are dedicated to creating games that provide a fun and engaging experience for players, and they are confident that real gamers will appreciate what they are building. Fabwelt is also based on Polygon and Binance Smart Chain. They chose Polygon because they want to gain the support of a blockchain that is extremely important in the early stages of a web3 game. While they do not yet have their blockchain, they plan to build one in the future, and security issues are slowly being solved.


Fabwelt is building a gaming metaverse that promises to change the gaming industry. By using web3 technology, they provide players with a sense of ownership and an active role in the development process. Their universal NFTs offer players a simplified buying process, and they continue to innovate and improve their games. Fabwelt is a company to watch out for as they pave the way for the future of web3 gaming.