What is Tegro?
Tegro is a marketplace for Web3 gamers, traders and investors to discover, track and trade Web3 game assets.

Game assets in general have become a prominent asset class but are locked in the individual game marketplaces hindering large-scale adoption. Tegro believes in making these assets accessible to traders and investors outside the games to build liquidity and enable high-frequency transactions.

When is the product launching?
The Tegro Game Asset Marketplace is slated for launch in Q1 2023. In the meanwhile, you can visit Tegro Earn, play bounties & win rewards in USDT
In which countries is KYC allowed?
KYC is open and allowed for all countries except the US & some sanctioned countries
How can I contribute to the Tegro community? OR Want to apply as a mod/community manager for Tegro?
We appreciate your interest in contributing to the community. You can start contributing to the community by volunteering and helping out your fellow tigers like many already have. We will ensure your efforts are recognized and rewarded.
We have a partnership proposal and/or would like to collaborate and work with Tegro. How to go about it?
For collabs/partnerships/marketing proposals, please send your proposal to [email protected]
How can I reach out to the team?
The easiest way to reach out to us is through Telegram. We also recommend joining the Tegro community to keep up with our latest product & community updates. For collabs/partnerships/marketing proposals, please send your proposal to [email protected]


What are TGR tokens?
Just like Bitcoin, TGR is a digital asset.

There will be a maximum of 1.7 Billion TGR tokens ever created and over a period of time, we expect the value, utility, and liquidity of TGR to increase substantially.

By owning a TGR token through the Tegro signup and referral reward program, you become one of the early holders of the token. Also, you may be able to reap more benefits with the rising utility & demand of the token.

More details will be revealed soon

When is the token listing?

We are looking forward to listing it in 2023, depending on whenever we have the right market conditions. Our current focus is to build the product, give the utility and provide value.

DISCLAIMER: Our token is NOT currently listed on any exchange! If you've come across any other TGR tokens, please beware that they're fake, and stay away from engaging with them

What is the value of 1 TGR?
The Tegro token is yet to be listed. Our focus is to build the product and provide value to the community before listing.
How much can I earn in referral rewards?
You can earn unlimited rewards! Every time your friend signs up, you get 0.5 TGR. The more friends you refer, the more you can possibly earn.
Why have the signup and referral rewards been reduced?

We value each and every member who signs up on the Tegro waitlist and refers it to their friends.

Higher rewards are a form of gratitude for the early signups who believed in us and signed up before anyone else.

Do you have any tips that will help me earn more TGR?
  • Share your referral link with as many friends as you can. The more friends you share it with, the more likely they are to sign up. Hence, the higher the chances for you to earn.
  • Get your friends excited about Web3 and why they need to sign up on Tegro
  • Let your friends know about the benefits of signing up with your invite link instead of signing up directly
How can I sell or withdraw the TGR tokens I have been rewarded with?

You will be able to sell or withdraw your TGR once it is listed. However, in order to protect the token holders and keep the scammers away, we have some nominal measures in place. They are listed as follows:

  • Complete KYC verification after full launch (this is to prevent bad practices by certain users)
  • Complete transactions worth $100. This ensures that we are building the right community of traders and players, and not just turning this into a game of acquiring TGR.
  • Completion of the above will allow you to claim your sign-up rewards.
  • Once your referred friends complete KYC and $100 worth of trades, you’ll be able to claim your referral rewards as well.
Important rules to keep in mind

Please remember the rules below when you participate in the Tegro Referral Program. These simple but important rules help keep the program fair for the entire community.

  • Do not misrepresent rewards when sharing the referral link with your friends
  • We constantly look out for fake or duplicate accounts. If we find something amiss we will disqualify those accounts from being part of the referral program and withdraw any rewards that may have been credited earlier

Note: While we run this program in good faith, Tegro reserves the right to make any changes to the referral program without prior notice. We may make such changes in view of changing market conditions, security or risk of fraud, or any other reason. The decision on reward eligibility will be made by Tegro and will be final and binding. By participating in the referral program you acknowledge the above. If you find someone misusing the referral program, you can let us know by contacting us directly. We'll look into it and take the necessary steps to fix it.


How to sign up on Tegro Earn?
To signup on to the platform kindly follow the below steps
  • Visit www.tegro.com• Click on the signup option in the top right corner.
  • Enter your email ID, password, and referral ID (optional)
  • You will receive a verification link in the email, go ahead and approve it
  • All done, your account is now created and you will be able to see your referral link. Do share it with your friends and family to earn TGR tokens
How to verify yourself?
Here is how you can verify your identity:
  • First up, head to tegro.com• Login to your account.
  • Once logged in, visit the account settings on the top right corner of the screen.
  • In account settings select Verification Status.
  • Click on complete verification.
  • A dialog box will appear, choose the Country and Submit.
  • KYC Level 1 will be verified. The next step is to verify the KYC Level 2, Click on Complete Verification under KYC Level 2 Verification.
  • A dialog box will appear, click on Continue.
  • A dialog box will appear again, Follow the instructions to record a video of yourself and submit the video.
  • Within a few minutes, you should be Verified. 

[ NOTE: KYC Levels 3 & 4 will be released in future updates.]

How can I earn money on Tegro?
Here’s how you start earning in six easy steps.
  • Login to tegro.com• Click on Earn to access the open bounties.
  • Hit Play to Earn to see more details.
  • Click on Claim to Start.
  • Complete your KYC (basic video verification).
  • To begin earning, claim the bounty.  For more information visit blog.tegro.com/introducing-tegro-earn
How can I withdraw USDT rewards?
To withdraw USDT users will need to verify the KYC Level 3, which will be introduced in future updates. Meanwhile, you can complete the bounties and earn more rewards.
Can I verify multiple emails?
No, The verification can only be done once per person.