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Farcana Twitter Spaces Recap 

November 6, 2022
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It’s listing season at Tegro HQ. We’re working with some of the hottest games in Web3 to bring you amazing bounties $$. We hosted a banger game last week on our Twitter Spaces - Farcana. We discussed the amazing game that Farcana's team is building, innovative economic models, and all things web3 gaming with Steven (Farcana’s community wizard). So without further ado, here’s a recap for ya!


Farcana is a high quality shooter game built on top of the Unreal Engine 5. The game is soon coming to Tegro Earn, so brace up. It will be a third-person shooter similar to PUBG in terms of gameplay and Halo in terms of graphics—now that’s something to get excited about.  

Here’s some Farcana's lore to get you excited: 

The year is 2073, after Earth´s resources are depleted and mankind is on an expedition to Mars to fight for Infilium, the most powerful energy resource. That’s right, humanity is in a race against time, and the winners will literally take it all. So hold on to your guns and get ready to fight for the future of humanity.  

As we mentioned, Steven is the head of community at Farcana and comes from a pretty intensive crypto background. The community wizard is primarily responsible for the community, but he also wears many hats within the company.

Web3 Gaming’s Achilles Heel

Farcana’s founders have observed that the Achilles heel (primary problem) of Web3 games is poorly designed game economies. Most early games in the space did not have enough sinks in their economies and failed to keep their inflating supply within the game's ecosystem. The result: players liquidated their earned tokens in droves, crashing the value of the token and subsequently the game’s. 

Farcana’s Solution

The game developers have come up with an ingenious solution to the liquidity problem. They are bringing in a digital asset that incentivizes players to HODL within their ecosystem, i.e., Bitcoin. Yes, Farcana is bringing the original cryptocurrency into their game. They are naming it the "Play-to-Hash" economic model. Wait a minute, you thought bitcoin didn’t have smart contracts, didn't you? Well, you’re right . The  Bitcoin blockchain does not have smart contract functionality for smart contracts, but its popular layer 2 solution, Stacks, does. Stacks have been previously used for interesting projects in the Web3 space, such as Citycoins, ZestProtocol, etc.

Game modes in Farcana

There will be three primary game modes in Farcana.

  1. Zone Control: In this mode, you’ll form a team and tactically defend infilium-rich zones from hostile forces. 
  2. Battle Royale: Ah, the classic Battle Royale. You already know what’s going to happen - a bunch of rowdy players are dropped onto a terraformed Mars to battle it out to the end. Your goal is to be the last man (martian) standing. 
  3. Survival: A fast paced massacre-style mode in which your objective will be to rack up as many body stacks as possible before someone takes you out. 

Apart from these standard modes, Farcana is also looking at a seasonal tournament format. 

The game will partner with guilds that will act like different franchises and organize their own Farcana competitions. Steven tells us that players will gain an elo rating similar to the rating they get in chess. This rating will be a representation of the level of skill and XP a player has acquired within the game. 


We asked the community wizard for some insights on how he manages a thriving Web3 gaming community. Here's what he told us:

  • Education is a big part of community management in Farcana, as it's a pretty complex project. Once the user really understands what the project is really about, how it is sustainable, and how much they stand to profit from it, they’re likely to become permanent evangelists. 
  • A lot of gamers are still skeptical of web-based gaming. Steven believes that we should focus on players who are already on board with blockchain and digital ownership, that is, Web3 enthusiasts. In order to onboard Web2 players, games must first consolidate their position and establish sustainable economic models.

Innovative practices

Incentivizing Guilds to Engage: Most of the big guilds have their own tokens. Farcana is building a mechanism to allow guild token holders to stake their tokens in the game. They'll give NFT land deeds in return, potentially. The guild itself will be able to mint and sell its own NFTs from the Farcana game. They can empower their community to build their own designs.

Focus on One Token, Limit NFTs : Instead of having two tokens,s Farcana is going to feature only one. Technically,y the digital asset that will serve as a support for their in-game token will be Bitcoin, so it's indirectly a two- token system.

 NFTs are great for providing digital ownership to the players, but they choke up the game's economy. Non fungible tokens have fractional liquidity - meaning that they’re not as liquid as fungible tokens, it takes time to sell them. Designing a game’s economy for constant liquidity is essential to its health. 

Keeping a predictable supply: Having a predictable supply helps investors gauge the future value of a currency. Currencies with an infinite supply are always prone to becoming worthless. Adding bitcoin to the game is a strategy to bring more stability to Farcana’s native economy.

In Closing 

Are you as hyped as we are about playing Farcana? Well, for now, we’ll have to wait. Farcana is currently in the closed ALPHA phase. They’re going to do a beta launch in Q1 of 2022. That’s fine, though; we know that building epic sh*t takes time. Farcana's team has been intensely focused on building a great game, which is why they haven’t given much thought to marketing, so go show them some love on various social channels.