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How to find good blockchain games

March 1, 2023
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Blockchain games have become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to the unique features offered by blockchain technology. These games allow players to own their in-game assets, trade them with others, and even earn real-world value for their efforts. However, with so many blockchain games on the market, it can be difficult to determine which ones are worth your time and money. In this article, we'll discuss how to find good blockchain games and what makes them stand out.

What makes a good blockchain game


The gameplay should be unique and engaging, with features that set it apart from other games on the market. This can include things like complex resource management systems, unique battle mechanics, or even social features that encourage player interaction.


The tokenomic design is the second most critical element of a web3 game. Games with poorly designed economies are bound to fail. We all want the in-game assets to gain value over time, and that's only possible with a game economy that's designed for sustainability.


An interesting concept and an engrossing story are a must-have for any web3 game. Having a captivating lore can make all the difference.

Cost of Participation

Playing a game shouldn't break the bank. We firmly believe that it shouldn't cost a fortune to play a game. That's why the games we've selected are mostly free to play or require a reasonable amount of investment, which can be earned back by playing the game. It's a win-win situation.


Great visuals can make a game more immersive and the gaming experience more enjoyable. If you've played Skyrim or even Big Time, which is on our list, then you know how true this is.


A passionate community of gamers can make the gaming experience even more exciting. Communities are even more crucial for web3 games as there's real value at stake. It's essential to see if the existing players genuinely love the game or are only in it for the money. Speculators hiding among the players can significantly impact the value of in-game assets and the game's native currency.

Clear Roadmap 

Finally, a development team with a clear roadmap for the game's future, regular updates, and a commitment to improving the game over time is crucial. It shows that the team is dedicated to making the game better and keeping players engaged.

Best sources to find a good project

Data Aggregators

Web3 game data aggregators are the perfect solution for players who want to keep up with the latest blockchain-based games. These websites or platforms collect and display valuable data about the games, such as the number of active players, the value of in-game assets, and recent transactions.

For players, web3 game data aggregators offer an easy way to discover new games and stay updated on the ones they already play. By providing a list of popular or trending games, players can quickly find new and exciting games to play. Additionally, the detailed information provided by the aggregators can help players make informed decisions about investing time and resources into a particular game.

Web3 game data aggregators are not just useful for players; they can also be valuable for investors and developers looking to gain insights into the blockchain gaming industry's overall trends and performance. By analyzing data on player activity, transactions, and in-game asset values, these aggregators can provide valuable information about the market's health and potential opportunities.

Below we’re listing some of the game data aggregators in Web3


DappRadar is an incredibly useful platform for discovering new and exciting web3 games. The platform provides real-time data and insights about decentralized applications running on various blockchain networks, including gaming applications.

DappRadar monitors 50 blockchains and 12000 decentralized applications to provide users with an in-depth view of the Web3 gaming ecosystem. The platform provides information on user activity, transaction volume, and other metrics that are crucial for assessing a game's popularity and potential for success. Additionally, the platform offers various filters and sorting options that allow users to search for Web3 games based on specific criteria, such as transaction volume, active users, and in-game asset values.


Polkastarter Gaming provides a comprehensive platform for discovering the best blockchain games. It offers unbiased and honest reviews, exclusive interviews with game studios, and engaging content on Twitch and YouTube. Each review covers essential aspects of the game, including gameplay, visuals, sound, game design, replayability, and ease of access, enabling readers to make informed decisions about which games to play. The platform also hosts the prestigious GAM3 Awards, which honor the top-performing web3 games.


Balthazar NFT Gaming is a decentralized platform that enables developers to build and launch blockchain-based games using non-fungible tokens (NFTs). While the platform is user-friendly and accessible for developers, it also serves as an excellent resource for players seeking new and exciting Web3 games. The Balthazar NFT Gaming team conducts in-depth research into the latest Web3 games, offering detailed reviews and insights into aspects such as gameplay, graphics, and tokenomics. This information is a valuable resource for players seeking to discover new games and make informed decisions regarding their time and money.


ChainPlay is a platform that specializes in aggregating data related to Web3 games. Its comprehensive database provides users with access to various game-related data, including token prices, trading volumes, and active users. Developers can also use the platform's tools to analyze and track the performance and engagement metrics of their games. Moreover, ChainPlay offers valuable insights and market trends to help investors and players make informed decisions when selecting games to play or invest in. Its ultimate goal is to serve as a centralized hub for all Web3 gaming-related data.

Crypto Gaming Communities

The blockchain gaming community is vibrant and growing, with many players and developers active on social media platforms like Discord and Telegram. Joining these communities can give you insights into new and upcoming games, as well as opportunities to connect with other players and developers. You already know which community is the best one in Web3 gaming. Join our Discord and you'll find the hottest Web3 games without expending any effort.

Gaming News Websites

 Many gaming news websites now cover blockchain games, offering reviews and previews of the latest titles. Some good examples include Playtoearn.net and NFTGator.

Crypto News Websites

 In addition to gaming news websites, many cryptocurrency news websites also cover blockchain games. These sites can offer a broader perspective on the industry, as well as insights into upcoming trends and technologies. Good examples include Coindesk and Cointelegraph. 

In Closing

Finding good blockchain games requires a bit of research and exploration, but the rewards can be well worth it. By looking for games with strong communities, unique gameplay, decentralized mechanics, and clear roadmaps, you can find games that offer a truly unique and engaging experience. So get out there, explore the blockchain gaming world, and find the game that's right for you!