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Introducing Tegro Earn

October 29, 2022
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A new gaming renaissance

Web3 represents the biggest opportunity for gaming since mobile. The emerging Web3 gaming space already accounts for a dominant share of overall on-chain activity of the crypto market.  Web3 adds a revolutionary aspect to the gaming space - the ability to earn money by playing games. 

Never in the history of gaming have we seen this before.  An activity that was once considered a waste of time by adults, was now allowing people to support their families.  

Despite its tremendous potential, web3 gaming isn't perfect. A lot of infrastructure needs to be built before it's ready to enter the mainstream. At Tegro, it's our commitment to be at the forefront of building the necessary infrastructure to take Web3 gaming to the next level. To that end, we’re proud to announce our first product, Tegro "Earn".

What is Tegro Earn 

Earn is an exciting new platform where players can discover the hottest web3 games and earn rewards for playing them.  

Let us explain how Earn removes the fluff and gets you to the good stuff super quickly. 

No more boring games and scams: Web3 gaming is unfortunately plagued by a lot of substandard games and outright scams. We take the responsibility of bringing you the crème-de-la-crème of Web3 gaming. Only the best and nothing less. Our scouts scour the industry so that players only find the most reliable, engaging, and profitable games on the platform. 

It doesn't take endless hours: As much as we love gaming, we don’t want games to take over your entire life. Most web3 games require players to invest countless hours before they earn anything substantial. While that isn't too bad in itself, it can be better. With Earn, you can complete bite-sized game bounties and earn instant rewards. However, we won't mind if you fall in love with a listed title and play it for hours. 

NFTs aren't the only way to Earn: Dealing with the ups and downs of the NFT market can be stressful. There was a time when buying or winning NFTs and waiting for them to appreciate was the best way to earn in web3 gaming-well not anymore. On our platform, you get to earn by playing games without dealing with the volatility of game assets. So you can safely say bye to all the spreadsheets that you have been maintaining.

How to Play-and-Earn with Tegro EARN!

Tegro Earn compiles the hottest web3 games and brings you Bounties . 

Tegro Bounties are bite-sized play-to-earn challenges . Bounties can take many forms depending on the type of game. For example, a bounty can be to reach level 6 in Axie Infinity, run 5 miles in Stepn, or kill all the monsters in the dungeons of Big Time.

Here’s how you start earning 💲in six easy steps.👍

  1. Login to Tegro.com.
  2. Click on Earn to access the open bounties.
  3. Hit Play to Earn to see more details.
  4. Click on Claim to Start.
  5. Complete your KYC (basic video verification).
  6. To begin earning, claim the bounty.

Alpha - One World Nation bounties are live on Earn, go build some teams in Crypto fantasy and make some 💰. We are already in the process of listing some amazing games like Undead Blocks, Farcana, Galaxy Arena, and many more on our platform. The onboarding process will be under constant overhaul so that you’ll never run out of bounties to play-and-earn.

Now for the Games

As we said in the beginning, we’re here to take web3 gaming to the next level. We’re actively seeking games that would like to get listed on Earn. Here’s how listing on Tegro takes your project to the next level.

Get access to a pool of web3 players: Increase the player count for your games through our platform. We've got an ever increasing community of verified players that are always on the lookout for the next great web3 game.

Increase exposure by listing with the best of the best: Tegro Earn will be listing some of the biggest players in web3 gaming. It is possible for games to attract a lot of users through exposure on a platform that has a lot of traffic-bringing titles. Reach us here to get listed.

In Closing 

We’re excitedly waiting for you to play and give us your feedback on Earn. So go play some OWN bounties and let us know what you think. This is just the first stepping stone, albeit an important one, for our mission to revolutionize web3 gaming. We hope you’re as excited as we are. Stay tuned, as there’s a lot more that’s yet to come.