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Introducing the Tegro NFT20 Exchange

April 28, 2023
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Your favorite tiger, Tegro 🐯, is leaping into a brand new jungle.

We’re excited to announce the beta version of our NFT20 Exchange 📊, which focuses on improving liquidity and streamlining the trade of NFTs, starting with blockchain gaming assets.

For a long time, NFTs have been classified as illiquid assets, comparable to the real estate market. Traits such as their "non-fungible" and unique nature, along with fractured price points, have made matching NFT sellers with buyers incredibly challenging. 😪

Tegro’s NFT20 Exchange 📊 solves this by making NFTs “fungible” with the help of innovative features like order book trading, auto-order matching, and more. Tegro’s proprietary system transform illiquid NFTs into fungible NFT20s, making them market-efficient and trader-friendly like ERC20 tokens. The exchange platform aligns with our goal to simplify and open up NFT trading for all.

Our co-founder, Siddharth Menon, has a track record of making cryptocurrency trading mainstream for 10 million Indians with WazirX. Now through Tegro, we aim to become a one-stop-shop for everything NFT trading related and onboard the next 100 million traders. 🚀

Tegro: The NFT20 Exchange For Pros

Our team has been working really hard to BUIDL and create an NFT exchange like no other. Tegro arrives with features that make trading NFTs easy and accessible to everyone! 😁

We support all EVM-compatible blockchains, with 15+ markets live 🚨 already and many more on the way.

  • Order Book Trading: Browsing NFT collections endlessly is so 2022. Tegro uses order books to “fungify” NFTs and facilitate bulk trading 🔁 by organizing buy and sell orders by price levels for popular NFTs and tokens like Axie Infinity, ZED Run, ApeCoin, and more!
Tegro Gaming NFT Exchange
  • Auto-order Matching: Buying and selling NFTs should not be a waiting game. With Tegro, instantly get matched with counterparties in a click. Simply input your desired quantity and price and watch your order get filled in a blink! ⚡
  • Easy Liquidity: Don’t spend time worrying about whether to settle orders in $ETH, $MATIC, or $SOL. Tegro simplifies this by pairing all NFT markets with your favorite stablecoin — $USDT 💸, allowing for a higher degree of liquidity!
  • Zero Gas Fees: Save big time on gas fees! Thanks to a seamless centralized experience, Tegro allows you to trade NFTs however many times for absolutely ZERO gas fees. 😲
  • Mobile App Support: Don’t limit yourself to just the browser! Tegro is live on Android and will be available on iOS shortly. This way, you can trade NFTs and tokens at any time and from anywhere. 🌎

The Road Jungle Ahead

We have an exciting new adventure ahead of us. In the coming months, new features and web3 gaming markets will be making their way to the exchange.

What’s more, we have so many thrilling events and contests lined up for you all. Take for instance the ongoing TGR Quest 🗺️, where you can activate your existing TGR balances by participating in simple missions and win an exciting mystery box upon completion. Similarly, we’re in the process of launching another mega competition that's guaranteed to take the excitement levels to a whole new level. 🚀

So what are you waiting for? Join the Tegro NFT20 exchange today and become a part of our journey. Simply create an account, deposit your NFTs*, and begin trading to get started!

In the meantime, welcome to the (new) jungle! 🌳🐯

*Please check the eligible NFT markets before depositing.