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League of Kingdoms Twitter Spaces

February 27, 2023
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Gm Tigers, This week we called out a rising web3 gaming title called League of Kingdoms for our Twitter Spaces. In the conversation, we discussed the ongoing token debate in Web3 gaming, the fundamental principles of community building, how to maximize the utility of tokens within a Web3 game, and many more interesting topics. Don’t fret if you missed the spaces though; we've got some of the best insights for you right here! LFG 

But first up intro

League of Kingdoms is a Web3 game that allows players to build their own virtual empires and compete against each other to create the biggest kingdoms. The game recently launched a LOKA staking function that offers in-game benefits for locking up tokens, giving players more gameplay-oriented incentives to keep their token holdings in the ecosystem.

Token Models in Web3 Gaming

There is an ongoing debate in the Web3 gaming industry about which token model is best. Each game has to answer that question on its own and figure out which model works for their economy and adds value to the player's gaming experience. League of Kingdoms has chosen to monetize the gaming experience by allowing players with $Drago to mine the native token of the game.

Web3 Gaming Community Building

Onboarding web2 gamers into the web3 gaming scene is a challenge for every developer in the space. Having a strong community of OG players that can help onboard newbies is a must. Running a lot of events around Web3 tech, such as airdropping NFTs and tokens, is another way to expose new players to the world of Web3. LOKA ran a lot of community events that rewarded the most active community members when they launched the Draco NFT sale.

Improving Gameplay Experience

League of Kingdoms is trying to improve its gameplay experience and integrate with other projects to fight the bots. They have a secret project in the works that will be revealed at a later date.

NFTs in the Game

Every NFT in the League of Kingdoms game has some utility within the game, meaning they’re not just decorative JPEGs. The fear in Web3 gaming communities is that many projects fall apart after token sales. League of Kingdoms has been live for the last two years without relying on token sales to stay relevant or afloat.

The Importance of Community

The community-building principles of Web3 gaming haven't changed: first things first, you need to listen to your community and then slowly build out what they want. In Web3, the community helps you build the product from the start. They are the early beta testers and the biggest evangelists for the projects they are involved with.

The League of Kingdoms Experience

League of Kingdoms' developers have been in the industry for over 15 years, and they are veterans who have worked on several great MMORTS titles previously. Their experience gives them an edge over other titles, as they started with a simple Web-2 title at first and then gradually added Web-3 pieces to their pie. For the long term, the roadmap for League of Kingdoms is to try to build a game-specific infrastructure such as a guild system and a renting function. They are also expanding their gameplay experience so players stay hooked on the title.

League of Kingdoms Mystery Box

The game offers a mystery box called Darco, which contains in-game NFTs, skins, and characters. Get one now and test your luck on March 1st to see what you get.

In Closing

League of Kingdoms is a pioneer in the Web3 gaming industry and is continuing to improve its gameplay experience while building a strong community of players. They have avoided relying on token sales to stay afloat and have instead focused on creating utility for every NFT in their game. With their experience in the industry and focus on community building, they are well-positioned for long-term success. Go check out their game right now and let us know what you think.