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Monsterra Game Review

January 12, 2023
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GM Tigers, today we’ll be reviewing a game called Monsterra that’s attracting a lot of interest from the Web3 gaming community. On the surface level, you might feel that a lot of aspects of the game are similar to Axie, but you’ll be wrong, as the lore and gameplay of Monsterra go way deeper than Axie. So without further ado, Let’s dive right in. Monsterra is an action-packed NFT game that takes you to a magical world where you get to farm, build properties, and battle against mythical creatures called "Mongen." The game offers a unique combination of free-to-play and free-to-earn models, which allows players to have fun and make some profit without any initial investment. In Monsterra, players can acquire land, build structures, and develop their Mongen creatures in order to take on other players in exciting battles. The game's creative design, paired with a rich and detailed lore, makes Monsterra a truly immersive experience.

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The Monsterra world is a fantastical metaverse created by a powerful seed named "the Great Tree." The Great Tree's branches spread out and created the Monsterra world. From it, five purest saps absorbed living materials and formed into crystal entities known as soulcores. These soulcores then hatched into the mighty Mongens races: Celest, Chaos, Beast, Mystic, and Tectos. These creatures lived together for millennia to protect the spiritual sanctuary of Monsterra. However, one day, an evil Chaos betrayed the Monsterra world, stole the powerful energy of the Great Tree, and caused the Monsterra world to shatter into pieces. The Chaos Sinner vanished into thin air while carrying infinite power. Now, the Mongens must ceaselessly search for the Great Tree's stolen energy source with the hope of retrieving the source one day.

In-game Items

  1. Mongens

The Mongens are the main characters in the game, and each one of them has a unique rarity based on their DNA codes. They can be used for production, defending your land, and attacking others. Each Mogen has two skills to use in combat. One is called "basic skill," and the other is "ultimate skill." Whenever a basic skill is used, Mongen gains an amount of energy. When Mongen has enough energy, Mongen will use Ultimate Skill automatically.

  1. Landplots

Landplots are areas of land that represent different parts of the environment. Players can acquire 8 different types of plots in the game, including landcore, habitat, breeding den, hatchery, farm, food storage, training ground, watchtower, military camp, turret, and landmine. These plots can be used for different purposes such as farming, breeding, and producing.

  1. Land

In order to build these different types of land plots, players must acquire virtual land.

  1. Energy: The energy system in the game helps players strategize their attacks. Each player has a limited daily energy bar that will reset daily. Players must choose wisely which battles are worth spending their energy on. Users can spend MSTR tokens to refill the energy pool a limited number of times within a day.
  2. Food: Food is an in-game currency used to feed and nurture monsters and train their troops. Players can produce foods using "production plots."


The gameplay begins when you acquire your first mountain and land plot. Before entering battle modes, players are encouraged to evolve their mongens and land plots to make them stronger and more effective. The game features four different battle modes that players can enter:

Adventure mode

Take your Mongen squad to explore new lands and search for hidden resources to grow your riches. In this mode, players can roam around the vast world of Monsterra to discover valuable resources, uncover new lands, and crush their enemies.

Boss Challenge mode

Lead your Mongen armies to conquer the surrounding lands, which are inhabited by powerful beasts. This mode offers an incredible challenge for players who want to test the limits of their Mongen armies. Players must strategize and build their forces effectively to take on these powerful monsters and claim their territory.

Battlefront mode

In this mode, players will lead their Mongen armies to raid other players' lands and take over everything. This mode is focused on player-versus-player combat, which requires a good combination of battle strategies and a strong army of Mongens. The players who dominate this mode will emerge as powerful rulers of the Monsterra world.

Arena mode

Players will compete against each other to gain benefits and dominate valuable territory. Arena mode is a fierce competition where players must put their skills and strategies to the test in order to be the last one standing and the winner of the arena.


Monsterra features an innovative dual token model with two different tokens, MSTR and MAG, to ensure the sustainability and scalability of the in-game ecosystem.


MSTR is a primary token with a limited supply (100 million MSTR tokens). It is used across all the products and services of the ecosystem, and players need to buy MSTR to interact with the Monsterra metaverse. MSTR token utilities include in-game transactions, staking pools, and participating in the governance structure in the decentralized organization (DAO) of the Monsterra NFT game.


MAG is a secondary token used across all the activities in the Monsterra game. The MAG’s total max supply is uncapped, but an intelligent in-game burning mechanism regulates its supply. Players can earn MAG through quest completion and spend it on various in-game activities.

Anti-Inflation Mechanism

To ensure a stable and healthy in-game economy, Monsterra has implemented anti-inflation mechanisms to control the supply of its tokens. For MSTR, the total game revenue is divided into three main streams: the Development Fund, Shared Revenue Incentives to the Community in the DAO Treasury, and Token Burning. At the end of each month, a percentage of the total MSTR supply will be burned to control inflation. For MAG, at the end of each month, if the amount of MAG being staked on the DAO is less than the figure in the staking contract, the total amount of surplus tokens will be burned.

In Closing

Monsterra feels like an upgraded version of Axis Infinity. Both are great games in their own way, but the gameplay options are much greater in Monsterra. The developers have focused heavily on improving the accessibility of the game by making it free-to-play. Furthermore, they have put anti-inflation mechanisms in place to stop their tokens from going out of control and losing all their value. Try it out for yourself and let us know in the comments. Until next time!