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Newsletter #17: Web3 Gaming is 60% of the On-Chain Activity

October 27, 2022
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From the Editor


Many of you are new to the Tegro newsletter. Buckle in for a short but thrilling ride.

Every week, our newsletter gives your a quick overview of what’s happening in Web3 gaming. Whether you’re a gamer, game dev, investor, trader, founder, or a curious stray, you’ll find something of value.

We stay away from hype, never provide investment advice, and always insist that you remain vigilant about projects. Most importantly, we say things as we see it.

The world of crypto (and Web3 gaming) is filled with promises, many of them empty. And to get you to buy into those promises of great riches is the hype train powered by incentives, influencers, and ignorance.

It may sound like it, but I’m not a boomer, FYI. I’m a pragmatist who has a strong belief that there is no such thing as a get rich quick’ scheme. You see, the financial and economic system doesn’t work that way.

There are ways in which a few people can generate immense wealth very quickly.

  • risky bets that pay off; this is mostly luck
  • getting in early on a project; luck + network/connects
  • profiting off others; usually through rug pulls, hacks, scams

Then there’s the very hard way - building something valuable. It requires hard work + smart work + luck + network/connects + privilege. And even then, it’s rare for anyone to become wealthy very quickly. All the world’s wealthiest people took at least a decade to get where they are.

Remember, it is impossible for everyone to get rich quick. If it were possible, where would the money come from? Before you decide to put all your money into a project or game that promises you ‘high earning potential’, give it a serious thought.

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Web3 Gaming News

DappRadar x BGA Games Report

Blockchain games represent almost 60% of industry’s usage, with 1.1 million daily Unique Active Wallets and $857M in transactions. Read full report here.

Industry Unique Active Wallets

Footprint Analytics x CoinMarketCap GameFi Report

Which are the most popular Web3 games by number of active users? Not STEPN, not Axie Infinity. They don’t even feature in the top ten.

Interestingly, Splinterlands and Alien Worlds continue to rule the roostmaking up over 30% of the average active users in Web3 gaming. Read full report here

Food for Thought

The Metacast by Naavik

Every week, we share some of our favorite reads, videos, podcasts. This week, I’m catching up on a podcast episode featuring Matthew Ball. He’s one of the most insightful people when it comes to deconstructing the future of metaverses and their architecture.

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