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#18: You can be anyone you want…. in the Metaverse

October 27, 2022
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From the Editor


You can be anyone you want when you grow up

As a child, you’d have probably heard this over and over again. I did. For some reason, everyone has this thought that nothing is out of reach and that we can all ‘be what we want’.

Personally, I find that a bad idea. It’s misleading and sets children up for a lot of disappointment. Not eveyone can become footballer of the calibre of Messi, Ronaldo, or Lord Bendtner. I’m no Einstein or Newton either. And the only thing I’ll come close to is opening Bill’s gates as his security guard.

I finally grew up to write these words in a newsletter to you so maybe I didn’t turn out too bad after all.

But I want to tell you this.

You can be anyone you want…. in the Metaverse

Who will you be in the Metaverse?

If you’re a gamer, there’s a good chance you’re a darkfuneral, maverick, godssecondson, lunawarrior, or something along those lines. Even more likely is that you might be darkfuneral in one game, and lunawarrior in another. I’m talking about your gamer handle.

In a way, games are already a manifestation of the metaverse and your gamer handle is your identity. Your personality shapes your in-game character and your in-game character shapes the real you.

The metaverse will only make this connection much more powerful. Your identity will no longer be just a handle; you will be able to have your own virtual representation as a 3D avatar. And why stop at one?

Imagine the ability to transport yourself anywhere in the digital world and interact with anyone, all while being whoever you want to be. In the physical world, you might be a shy, introverted person, but in the metaverse you can shed your inhibitions.

Why is this relevant?

Earlier this week, Meta (formerly Facebook) rolled out their new metaverse ID system. Known for their aggressive data collection, they are easing entry into their metaverse by not requiring linking of personal accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

Ready Player Me, which is building a cross-game metaverse avatar platform, raised $56M in funding to enable users to create one consistent identity for exploring virtual worlds.

On one hand, having a consistent identity can be very useful but also comes with its drawbacks. Historically, minority communities, non-whites, women, LGBTQ etc have faced a lot of discrimination, abuse, and trolling online. Do we want to experience that in a 3D VR environment with haptic feedback that allows us to feel the coldness of closed minds?

Be who you want to be

Bacardi has been drilling these words into us for decades with their non-existent Music CDs. But the fact is that we were lied to as kids and made to believe nothing was out of reach.

In this world I’m just a someone writing a newsletter. In the metaverse I could be someone among people who love the same obscure underground music that I do. And I can do so without revealing who I am.

Because, in truth, we are always ourselves. The metaverse allows us to put a mask. I don’t want people to stop me from choosing a mask that fits the many different personalities of me.

So remember,

You can be anyone you want…. in the Metaverse

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