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Newsletter #24: Winds of Change

October 27, 2022
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From the Editor,

GM Tigers,

This is Web3 Gaming Weekly, a newsletter by Tegro that brings you the hottest web3 gaming updates. Let’s look at some of the new developments in the sector.

New token standard - ERC-3525

Last month, a new ERC token was approved that stands to unlock new functionalities for web3 gaming assets. The ERC-3525 token standard combines the properties of its predecessors, ERC-721 and ERC-1155, to allow developers to create assets that will have unique and identical characteristics at the same time. Too technical? Here’s a example:

Imagine you are playing an FPS that has a huge arsenal of guns. All the handguns in the game could be categorised under a common type, i.e. ‘handguns’. These guns are identical(fungible) in their type but can have their own unique properties such as a different power level, colour, recoil etc.

The ERC-3525 standard allows developers to create fungible but unique in-game assets. Web3 adepts might say that this new standard sounds a lot like ERC-1155. What’s new exactly? We’ll let Solv Protocol Meng Yan answer that:

 Here's the full article by Meng Yan for our technically inclined community members: https://mirror.xyz/0x07599B7E947A4F6240F826F41768F76149F490D5/CHcwsp_d0AINEalFq_0FcqkLeEyeeGpYDDtw82TyMes

Horizon’s making moves

Last week, our friends at Horizon Blockchain Games raised $40 million in their Series A funding round, led by Morgan Creek Digital and Brevan Howard Digital. The company attracted investment from some of the heavy hitters, such as Initialized Capital, Polygon, Everyrealm, Aleks Larsen, and Sebastian Borget.

Apart from developing a hit web3 game (Skyweaver) played by hundreds of thousands worldwide, Horizon is also building essential web3 infrastructure that will onboard millions of people onto the Web3.

One of their products is Sequence, an all-in-one developer platform and smart wallet. Horizon's mission with Sequence is to make the on-boarding journey of new crypto users as smooth as possible. The platform has received favourable reception so far with integration with some of the biggest Layer-2 such as Optimism, Polygon, etc. and its own widely used products like Niftyswap and SkyWeaver.

 Frictionless UX will be crucial for Web3 wallet adoption. Sequence might be one of the primary competitors to industry leading wallet platforms such as MetaMask, Trust, etc. and more users into web3 and subsequently into web3 gaming.

Trends are changing

Web3 games are pivoting at an incredible rate, fixing approaches that didn't work. Here are some of the key trends that are changing:

  • AAA-style games with longer development cycles: Many early games in web3 gaming appeared to be half-baked products. These games lacked engaging gameplay and enough lore to keep a player hooked. We understand that developing a game is hard and that building a masterpiece takes time. That’s exactly what we're seeing in space with titles like Mirandus, Big Time, and Star Atlas.
  • Limiting financialization in early stages: a lot of big projects are taking their time releasing a token while aggressively developing their product. which is just the exact opposite of what most early games did. The reason for this is that delaying the token gives a project time to develop a stellar product and launch it once the game has already acquired a critical mass of players.

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