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Newsletter #25:  Gearing Up

October 27, 2022
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From the Editor,

Gm Fellow Tigers,

First up, some fresh takes from the industry,


Gaming will be one of the catalysts which introduces millions to Web3. Yep!, we couldn't agree more.

Here are a few reasons why we believe this:

  1. The gaming industry is arguably the most pro-active when it comes to adapting latest technology.
  2. Even the players are more open minded in trying out new tech compared to the rest of the population.
  3. Gaming is bigger than the movies and music market combined. More than 3 billion people play games on their phones and desktops according to Statista.
  4. A fun, interesting game is much more inviting than a decentralized finance application.
  • Bankless on Gaming-led mainstream adoption

Gaming is changing to a player-owned and decentralized model, where players are valued and rewarded for their efforts. In September, Epic Games added iconic web3 game Blankos Block Party to its official game store. This move appears to be a direct response to Steam’s decision to prohibit developers from publishing crypto or NFT based games. To the uninitiated, Epic Games is the studio behind Fortnite, it's a giant in the gaming world and now it’s supporting web3 games.

  • @remnynt(generative artist and gamedev)

Mobile games revenue is projected to hit $100B+ in 2022. All of that money is going towards digital items and in-game currencies, none of which players actually own.

It’s entirely ridiculous that players spend a fortune on digital items that they really don’t own in web2 gaming. The next generation of gamers are likely not going to like that dynamic.

Web3 Gaming News

Azra Games releases free-to-mint PFPs

Gaming studio Azra Games released a collection of 5555 pfp NFTs titled the ‘Hopeful’ on 28th Sept. It appears that Azra is following Limit Break's playbook by allowing their community to mint NFTs for free. Another interesting thing about the Azra NFTs is that they also double as a play pass for the upcoming releases by the gaming studio.

Legions & Legends, a sci-fi fantasy action RPG, will be Azra Games' first title. It’ll be interesting to see what the studio comes up with given that they’ve a $15 million budget to build out the game.

Limit Break buys a Super Bowl ad

Limit Break, a new web3 gaming venture by industry veteran Gabriel Leydon is once again in the web3 space as the firm spent a whopping $6.5 million on a 30- second Super Bowl ad. The gaming studio made headlines back in August by raising a mind-blowing $200 million. nearly 100 million people tune in to watch the Superbowl making it one of the most watched events in tv history. Limit Break appearing in the Superbowl is a big deal for the industry as it's the first blockchain gaming company to do so.

Cool Upcoming Events

Polygon x Super Layer present: Web3 Revealed

Cool cats from Polygon are hosting a web event on 19 OCT to celebrate their recent partnership with SuperLayer. They’ll cover the building blocks of Web3, don’t miss it. Sign up now from the link.

Decentraland’s Metaverse Music Festival 

The four day web3 music festival is right around the corner. Register now, participate in their Emotes contest.

Twitter Spaces

Last week we had an amazing conversation with PlayDex, a web3 gaming marketplace that aims to bring the next billion people to web3, Listen here

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