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Newsletter #27 All Paths Lead to Web3 

October 31, 2022
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From the Editor, 

GM Tigers,  

Let’s look at an interesting trend:

  1. Meta(formerly Facebook)has invested over $10 billion to develop a Metaverse.
  2. Disney recently celebrated its 100th anniversary with a Metaverse Music festival.
  3. Tencent, Baidu, Bytedance(Tiktok’s parent company) and over a thousand other Chinese companies have filed metaverse trademarks so far. 
  4. Adidas did a collaboration with the metaverse platform The Sandbox. 
  5. Paypal, Visa, and UnionBank filed for metaverse trademarks last week. 

As we can see, some of the biggest companies in the world are actively preparing for the metaverse. We could list almost a thousand big names above. Most of the companies are filing trademarks as an insurance policy—in case this metaverse thing blows up, they won’t have to pay a premium for being late. Meanwhile, some are engaging to stay up with the times. However, it’s undeniable that the metaverse is potentially a very lucrative business opportunity for these brands. Companies have plans to open up virtual restaurants, art shows, exhibitions, concerts, and all types of experiences in this virtual medium. We will also see many of them sell virtual merchandise for people’s metaverse avatars. And obviously, there will be games!

But, how will these big firms provide digital ownership rights and enable transactions in the metaverse?

by using web3 technologies such as NFTs and cryptocurrencies. All roads will eventually lead to Web3

Updates from Tegro HQ

As you might know, last week we unveiled Tegro Earn with One World Nation bounties. The response from our community has been overwhelmingly positive🙏. Here’s an update on which projects are coming to our platform next:

Galaxy Arena 

Galaxy Arena is bridging the gap between virtual and reality by bringing events attractions and businesses into the metaverse


A Web3 Fitness App that not only tracks your workouts but rewards you with $FITT (crypto tokens) for the calories you burn too

Undead Blocks

A zombie survival game. Collect weapons and slay endless waves of zombies in an immersive FPS experience.

Web3 Gaming News

Twitter Spaces 

Last week, our amazing team took over Twitter Spaces to showcase our newest product, Tegro Earn. Listen here to learn more

+ Tweet of the Week

Polygon co-founder takes the cake this week, here’s his tweet:

Interesting Events 

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