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Newsletter #28 If you could change one thing…

November 7, 2022
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From the Editor

GM Tigers, 

Last week, popular web3 gaming content creator @Brycent asked his Twitter followers: "If they could change one thing about the web3 gaming landscape, what would it be?"

Needless to say, the responses were pretty interesting. Let’s have a look:

  • Lack of support for small content creators

@SpikeReacts pointed out that there should be more initiative by the industry to support small Web3 gaming content creators. Being an emerging space, Web3 gaming has a lot of problems; one of them is discoverability. Most gamers simply don’t know or care about our Web3 based games. The only way to change that is by creating entertaining and educational content that attracts more people to the industry. However, being a content creator in web3 gaming is not as profitable, and most creators can’t pursue it full time. Hmm, pretty interesting point.

  • Tech is not yet there

Yep, it's true that web3 gaming has a lot of barriers to entry for the general population. But, we believe that this issue will largely become redundant with time as the tech gets better and more and more people become comfortable with the idea of digital ownership. In fact, we think it’s happening in real time: the younger generation of gamers is totally onboard with the idea of crypto, NFTs, and digital assets (BBC),  and Web3 game publishers are using cutting edge tech like Unreal Engine 5 to develop their games. As we said, it’s a matter of time ⏰

  • Stigma against Web3 games

Unfortunately, many people just love to hate Web3 gaming. We get it. A new concept always has to endure a bunch of crap from the status quo before it gets accepted. It’s also not always bad; sometimes you get constructive criticism that is necessary for the healthy development of the space. We think @Spike is right about spreading awareness through content creation (duh!). Most critics online are laughably unaware of what’s happening in space right now. You can see it in their arguments that they still have the mental model of Web3 gaming from 2021, when Axie was at its peak.

  • Increased investor protection

Another important one is protecting customers from fraud. Web3 gaming and crypto in general are plagued by a ton of scams and soft-rugs. This undeniably gives a bad rep to the industry. To limit soft rugs, one user (@NTIA) suggested an escrow system with hard limits that releases funds as different milestones are reached. 

  • Brycent’s view

According to Brycent, there should be a greater separation between the entertainment side and financial side of web3 gaming. He believes that it's important that entertainment take precedence over finance for the sake of longevity. He’s got a point: if a game provides almost entertainment value to the player, is it really a game?

  • Tegro

Lastly, here’s one thing that we would like to see immediately changed in web3 gaming: poorly designed game economies. Yes, most new games are heavily focused on creating sustainable economies, but we still have a lot of titles that are running on the same old model. The one with play-to-earn mechanics and little to no integrated sinks—this model, as we have seen time and time again, is doomed to failure. It's great to see games coming with new sustainable models. 

Updates from Tegro HQ

  • New Collab Alert 

💃 @RaptyApp will be listed on Tegro Earn soon!

So get'em dance moves ready! And we'll see you around 🙂

  • Tie up your laces 👟, FitMint one of the best Web3 based fitness apps is coming to Tegro. To bring the hype to a 💯 we’re hosting a Twitter Spaces conversation with the FitMint team. Stay tuned @TegroFi to learn more. 

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