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Newsletter #30 Despite FTX Drama, Web3 Gaming is here to Stay

November 21, 2022
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From the editor, 

GM tigers, 
The crypto industry is still on the edge since the second biggest exchange in the industry collapsed two weeks ago. In the wake of FTX’s fallout several other players have also been caught in the ‘Contagion’. The most notable being Genesis Trading and Blockfi. It’s safe to say that the FTX going bust was the biggest hit the crypto industry has ever taken and it’ll take us quite a while before we fix what has been broken - namely the people’s trust in the industry. But like we said in the last edition of this newsletter - fundamentally nothing has changed, blockchain technology still works and will serve as the foundation for many great things to come. With that out of the way, let us focus our attention on what’s happening in our niche corner of the blockchain world - web3 gaming.

Fractal’s Blowing UP 💣 ⬆️ 

Twitch co-founder Justin Kan’s web gaming venture “Fractal”  generated quite a buzz in the market since they announced that the platform will now expand support to Ethereum games. Fractal is a web3 gaming platform and marketplace that hosts some of the best games in the industry. You can think of it as a hybrid of Steam and OpenSea. Players can use the Fractal platform to access web3 games as well as buy different in-game assets from its marketplace. While the platform already saw some early success with Solana games, it will bring a lot more popular games to the platform by expanding support to Ethereum. Fractal also has a suite of Web3 game development tools(SDKs) that makes the process of building a web3 game 10x easier. That’s now also available for gaming studios that are planning to build with Ethereum. 

Race to the metaverse is on(between Nike and Adidas)

If you’re following our new series called Tegro Dispatch on LinkedIn where we bring to you bite sized updates from the industry - you might be familiar with these stories.

Last week two of the biggest companies in the apparel industry namely Nike and Adidas unveiled their metaverse initiatives, separately. To give you the gist - these companies are banking big on ‘Virtual Items’. Nike for example launched .Swoosh(pronounced dot swoosh) which’ll host the company’s upcoming digital wear collection. Users will be able to buy digital gear from .Swoosh and flex it in the metaverse. 
Adidas is almost a step ahead of Nike in this race as the apparel giant already has partnerships with web3 metaverse and NFT projects like the Sandbox, Bored Ape Yacht Club and Gmoney. Adidas Original released its virtual gear series last week which is available on adidas.com/metaverse. It’s collection of 14 virtual wear items minted on the Ethereum blockchain. BAYC, and Gmoney NFT holders can buy this fresh drip to give their NFTS  characters a new look. It’s a bit reassuring to see that megabrands still believe in the promise of Web3 technologies despite the recent FTX fiasco.

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Crypto might be on fire right now, but we ain’t stopping. Here are some updates straight from the HQ(Den). 

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Tegro Fanguild 

FanGuild is the world’s ‘first’ esports fantasy platform. We’re excited to announce that you’ll soon be able to play FanGuild bounties on Tegro Earn. For our new cubs(community members) out there, Earn is a new platform by Tegro where gamers can discover the hottest web3 games and get paid to play them.Tegro Earn allows web3 games to grow their player base and network capital. List your game on Earn to supercharge your project's growth.

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Last week we hosted an insightful Twitter Spaces Session with Legends of Elysium founder Marcin. We discussed the state of web3 gaming, what makes Legends of Elysium different from existing TCGs in web3 and the game’s unique tokenomics. 

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