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Newsletter #31: PlayStation maker Sony group enters into NFT sector

November 28, 2022
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From the Editor

Gm Tigers, 

The entire web3 community works night and day to accelerate the adoption of technologies like blockchain, NFTs etc. But the web3 community alone can’t onboard the next billion onto crypto. We’ll need some help from traditional Web2 companies and legacy brands. In the last edition of our weekly newsletter we covered how global brands like Adidas and Nike are stepping up their web3 game. Well now we have a big player from our own industry making moves in the metaverse i.e. Sony.

Sony, arguably the most influential gaming company in the world, recently filed a patent to use NFTs for keeping track of in-game assets. We can’t stress enough how huge this is for web3 gaming!

According to the patent, Sony will use NFTs and decentralized ledger technology (blockchain) to record asset movements and player interactions. This will allow the company to gather intelligence on which user actions are more common.

The company is also apparently planning to tokenize in-game media and user generated content through NFTs. Meaning that players would be able to mint and trade their own in-game moments in the open market. An example presented in the patent of these moments says - these in-game media moments could include special achievements unlocked by a player or videos of their performance in a gaming tournament etc. LFG Sony!!! You never know, we might even see web3 games like Big Time on a PlayStation in the near future. Never say never . Btw here's a copy of the patent.

"Web3 Gaming is too Complex" - Web2 Players

A well known criticism of web3 gaming was just confirmed by a recent survey conducted by Coda Labs. While interviewing over 7000 gamers, Coda Labs found out that most gamers(nearly 52%) were unfamiliar with Web3 Games. The biggest resistance that we face from web2 gamers is that - they’re required to learn a crap load of things before they can even get started playing a web3 game. Most if not all gamers will be hesitant to put in this much effort when they already have awesome web2 games a click away. So what can we learn from this survey -

Three things :

  1.  Web3 gaming companies need to step up their marketing game.
  2.  Reduce complexity in UX.
  3.  Avoid using jargon in their communication. 

If you are new to this space and want a friendly community to hold your hand as you learn the hoops of web3 gaming, join our Discord.

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