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Newsletter #37 Alpha Inside! Weekly Web3 Gaming Roundup

January 9, 2023
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From the Editor

Gm tigers, This is Tegro Dispatch - The newsletter that brings you the hottest updates from the world of Web3 gaming. We’ve lined up some incredible updates for you, but before we get to that - Did you know that, you can earn hundreds of dollars playing fun games on Tegro Earn. Sign up now to join over 500000 users that are playing and earning on our platform. 

Star Atlas Q4 Economic Report

Star Atlas’s Q4 economic report is here folks. Despite getting hit by a giant step back with FTX’s fallout, the latest report suggests that the game is still financially viable. For context, Star Atlas had their most “immediate liquid cash assets” on FTX. After the crypto exchange dramatically collapsed within a week, Star Atlas CEO informed the community that while the game still maintained a pretty strong balance sheet their operational runway was cut in half. According to the report, the community treasury of Star Atlas declined 54.8% in the last quarter. Major losses came from the tanking ATLAS and Ships prices. However, the game still observed a steady inflow of new players entering the ecosystem through ship sales. To mitigate some of the losses and raise additional funds, a recovery plan called The Golden Era Start Sequence was launched in December 2022. The game apparently managed to raise over $500000 through discounted Ship sales. 

The Absolute Files for Metaverse Trademarks

The trend continues folks, major brands are positioning themselves for metaverse adoption. The latest to join the fold is the Absolut Company. The Swedish vodka producer recently applied for trademarks for its Malibu brand, indicating plans to expand into virtual bars, NFTs, virtual alcoholic drinks, and more. These applications were submitted to the USPTO by The Absolut Company on December 27th, according to trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis. The products and services covered under the company's applications include virtual clothing, accessories, NFTs and digital assets, mobile NFT trading software, NFT trading marketplaces, stores for virtual goods and NFTs, and metaverse bars and restaurants that offer virtual food and drinks with actual home delivery.

Undead Blocks to Unveil Daily Earnings Mode

After beta testing their amazing kill-to-earn title for over a year , Undead Blocks is finally rolling out a play-to-earn mechanic. According to their latest announcement - Weapon NFT loadout holders will earn daily Gold and Standard ZBUX rewards for annihilating zombies in the game. Standard ZBUX is the in-game currency that can be used to buy loot coffins, weapons, equipment etc. Gold ZBUX is an on-chain currency which can also be redeemed for fiat or other digital assets. The bottomline is - if you want to cash out your rewards from the game buy a NFT Weapon loadout. 


Ronin’s Validator Program

There's a fantastic opportunity available right now for folks with some technical chops. Become a validator on the Ronin Network - help process transactions onchain and earn exciting rewards They are accepting applications until January 12th.To attract more applicants, the Ronin team is offering 18,000 mainnet RON to validators who have minimal downtime and provide valuable feedback about the testnet. To apply, simply fill this form.

Dark Frontier Pre Alpha Demo is coming up

Metaverse game Dark Frontier is organising a pre-alpha sneak peek of their title. But there’s a catch - only players that have bought a spacesuit NFT will be able to access this pre-alpha mode. Check out the game here, if it seems interesting join their discord for further details. 

Tegro Events

Hunt Program is Live

We’re super excited to announce the Tegro Hunt Program gang. It’s your chance to help us build the future of Web3 gaming and earn some street cred in the process. Whether you are a designer, writer, gamer, researcher, developer or just love talking to people - you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your talent to our community of more than 500000 people. We have launched the job board​ today from where you can pick the task that suits your unique talents. While the best submission will get a chance to win the rewards, all the outstanding entries will be displayed and promoted on our website’s community page and all social handles with credits to the participant. So what are you waiting for, join the hunt now!

Onboarding Call

Tegro Earn, Hunt Program, Pride Clans? If you’re new to the Tegro ecosystem these programs might be a little difficult to understand. That’s why we host weekly onboarding calls to help new members understand the Tegro ecosystem. Do join us for this week's onboarding call at 2:30 pm UTC on 11 January (Wednesday). Click here to book your spot. 

Discord Invite Contest

Important PSA folks, We’ve an Invite contest going on. Bring as many people to our discord as you can and receive cash rewards. For more details, check out this twitter thread

Twitter Spaces

Web3 veteran Myrtle Anne is joining us this week to discuss her new Web3 game - Placewar. We can tell right now that this session we’ll be jam packed with insight, don’t miss it. Join us on Twitter on 12 January (Thursday) at 2:30 pm UTC. Click here to set a reminder. 

Pride Hangout Night 

Give your week a fun closure. With our weekend community night. Join your fellow community members in fun games and chill. Come straight to Tegro discord on Friday 2 pm UTC, we’ll see you there. Click here to let us know you are coming. 

Fresh from the Blog

That’s it for today, see ya in the next one. Don’t forget to sign up on Tegro and earn USDT rewards.