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Newsletter #38 Web 3 Gaming is on Fire, Tournaments, Token Removals and more!

January 16, 2023
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From the Editor:

Gm tigers, This is Tegro Dispatch, the newsletter that brings you the hottest updates from the world of Web3 gaming. There are lots of exciting Web3 updates waiting for you in this edition, but first

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Undead Blocks is coming to mobile

Popular NFT kill-to-earn title Undead Blocks can now be played straight from the browser. Previously, players had to download the game on their PC to play it. which meant the game was only accessible to PC players. Now that it's available on the Web, mobile players can start annihilating zombies and earning gold ZBUX too. Undead Blocks is one of the best web3 games out there. It’s a fast-paced zombie shooter with great graphics, which makes it a super fun title that you can play for hours. The added bonus of Web3 tech also allows players to earn real financial rewards for going on zombie killing rampages in the game. The much-anticipated earning functionality of the game will go live on February 23, 2023. After which, players can collect Gold Zbux rewards and exchange them for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

Gala Drop $TOWN token

Gala Games is making some serious changes to the play to earn mechanics of their popular title Townstar. Notably, the company is discontinuing the native token of the game, $TOWN, after a 2-year run. Existing holders are instructed to swap their $TOWN tokens for $GALA. which means from now on, players will get Galaxies for playing Townstar. Another big change coming to TownStar is that it will be led by Mark Skaggs.

Skaggs is famous for developing Facebook’s Farmville, which is one of the most popular games ever. Importantly, if you’re a $TOWN holder, you must swap your coins for $GALA tokens within the next 180 days, or you’ll lose your holdings.

Yuga Labs founders to be deposed

This one might be the biggest controversy to ever hit the NFT industry. Yuga Labs, the studio behind BAYC, was accused of deliberately using pro-Nazi imagery in their NFT collection. This sparked widespread speculation and criticism about the project in the industry. One of the most vocal critics of BAYC Ryder Ripps even launched a collection of 10000 copycat NFTs to spread awareness  about the controversy. which led Yuga Labs to bring a lawsuit against Ripps. However, it seems that decision has now backfired, as Ripps will now be able to question the co-founders of Yuga Labs under oath. The founders initially filed a petition to make them immune to this deposition, but the request was promptly denied by the court.

War Legends' weekly tournament is now live

Weekly tournaments of the popular Web3 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game War Legends are live now. The first tournament began on 14 January and will end on 21st January. The task in this tournament is pretty straightforward: you'll have to take out 20 tanks in the single-player mode as quickly as possible. The game will feature a different kind of challenge for each tournament. The 25 players who complete the challenge the fastest will receive financial and in-game rewards. The player who ranks first will get a special loot box that’s worth approximately $300. To enter the tournament, just download War Legends and start taking out tanks in single-player mode.


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