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Newsletter #39 Insane NFT mints are coming up!

January 23, 2023
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From the Editor

This is Tegro Dispatch, the newsletter that brings you the latest updates from the world of Web3 gaming. In this edition, you'll find lots of exciting Web3 updates, but first...

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Now some free alpha for ya 


Guilds of Guardians partners with 8 eSports teams

The Guild of Guardians (GoG) mobile web3 RPG is collaborating with 8 eSports teams to release exclusive in-game characters in the game. The teams include Cloud9, Fnatic, NAVI, Ninjas in Pyjamas, NRG, SK Gaming, T1, and Team Liquid. The exclusive NFT sale will commence on February 8th for one week, with eight playable characters available for $99 each. Existing GOG NFT holders and those who have completed a community challenge will have access to the sale 24 hours before it opens to the public. This is a unique opportunity for players to own in-game characters that represent eSports teams through blockchain technology and enjoy various perks and benefits. GoG has also planned up various community events leading up to the sale.

Monsterra unveils new earning mechanism

The developers of Monsterra are introducing a new MAG earning mechanism called the MAG Vault in the game, according to their latest announcement. The new feature will enable players to earn MAG token rewards based on their previous day's MAG revenue. The current rewards system has led to some players not receiving a share due to the pool running out from those who claimed earlier. The MAG Vault will operate on a 28-day cycle, where players can burn their NFTs to receive points, which can then be exchanged for MAG tokens. Note that you cannot burn your free NFTs for token rewards. Another important point to note is that burning earlier means more days for sharing revenue, and burning more NFTs means larger rewards. The total reward pool is divided into five smaller pools: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. This allows players to earn from different pools depending on the rarity of the NFT they burn.

Mailchimp latest Data Breach might affect Yuga Labs

Mailchimp, the popular email marketing company, recently suffered a data breach that affected several big names in Web3. One of them is Yuga Labs, the studio behind Bored Ape Yacht Club. The team at Yuga Labs is currently conducting an investigation to determine the extent of the damage to their Mailchimp account, but has stated that their data and information are intact and that there is no evidence of file exportation. They have also reassured the community that they have only shared email campaigns with a limited number of people. In case of a breach, Yuga Labs promised to contact any affected parties via their official email address. The team also warned community members to be extremely vigilant against potential scams, such as surprise mints, requests for private information or passcodes, and fake announcements. They also advise community members to carefully read through every smart contract before signing it, set complex passwords, and keep seed phrases private.

Elemental Raiders to go live on Steam

Elemental Raiders, a turn-based hero battler title, has announced on Twitter that it will now be available for download on Steam. This collaboration will give the NFT hero battler access to Steam's 120 million monthly active users, providing a great opportunity for the game to reach a larger audience. Previously, we have seen Gala Games put out some of their games on Steam for the same reason. The development team also reminded players that they must link their existing account to their Steam account before logging in for the first time in order to ensure a smooth transition to the Steam platform. In Elemental Raiders, you'll battle your way through an array of heroes in a turn-based multiplayer RPG with elements of collectible card games.

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