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Newsletter #40 Don’t miss out on these Mints and Tournaments

January 30, 2023
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Gm Tigers, this is Tegro Dispatch, the newsletter that brings you the hottest updates and alpha from the world of Web3 gaming. In today’s edition we’ve got a ton of exciting stuff for ya, but before we get to that -

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New Games to try 

McDonald's to Celebrated the Lunar New Year in Spatial Metaverse

McDonald's celebrated the Lunar New Year in the Spatial metaverse in partnership with Karen X Cheng, an award-winning director known for her AR videos and celebrity collaborations. Two special events, including a Lunar New Year party and an avatar talk with Karen X Cheng, were also featured. In addition, McDonald's has created a free AR filter to mark the transition from the Year of the Tiger to the Year of the Rabbit, which can be accessed through a QR code hidden in their TV commercial.

Derby Stars $10k Program for Content Creators 

The Derby Stars team is seeking creators to join their Ecosystem Program to help improve the GameFi system and educate the community. These partners will promote educational materials such as walkthroughs and onboarding info, and review features like PVE, PVP, and breeding. They will also disseminate updates about the game. To be eligible, individuals must have a digital media channel (YouTube, Twitch, etc.), possess a Derby Stars Horse NFT, and have a community on platforms like Discord, Telegram, or Slack. Prior experience in creating web3 gaming content is a plus. The recruitment process will start on February 17th, 2023 and involve a video call with the Derby Stars team. To apply, candidates must meet the requirements and fill out a Google Form. The team has allocated $10,000 for this initiative and content creators will receive $500 for each piece of content they create, with a max of three pieces per creator.

Bondee, a new social metaverse

Get ready to step into the ultimate virtual hangout spot! Bondee, the latest creation from tech firm Metadream, is taking the gaming world by storm. Launched on January 17th, this social media app has already garnered over a million downloads and topped the charts on both Google Play and the App Store.

You can think of Bondee as your own personal metaverse where you can chat, game, and hangout with up to 50 friends. With the ability to dress up your avatar and design your own digital space, you'll feel like you're truly "living" in this virtual world. Plus, with a mix of messaging and gaming, there's never a dull moment.

So, if you're looking for a new way to connect and have some fun with your friends, Bondee is the answer. Download it now and join the virtual world revolution.

Tegro Events

  • Wednesday (1 Feb, 2023) - Tune in at 2:30 p.m UTC for Onboarding Call on Discord.
  • Thursday (2 Feb, 2023) - Listen to our Twitter Spaces conversation with Salad Ventures at 2:30 p.m UTC
  • Friday (3 Feb, 2023) - Hangout Night on Discord at 2:30 p.m UTC
  • Jobs are live on the HUNT dashboard, win $$ for completing simple tasks.

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That’s it for today, see ya in the next one. Don’t forget to sign up on Tegro and earn USDT rewards.


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