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Newsletter #41 Earn Big with these P2E Games and NFT Mints

February 6, 2023
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Gm Tigers, this is Tegro Dispatch, the only newsletter that you’ll need to start playing and earning in Web3. In today’s edition we’ve got a ton of exciting stuff for ya, but before we get to that -

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  • YugiBAO is releasing a series of 2999 NFTs that’ll have utility in its future games.
  • Cyber Stadium, a new 100% on-chain NFT game from the team behind Crypto Raiders is set to open up white list this week, check it out.
  • Dragon Master Unveils new free to play mode with a 30000 $DMT prize pool for new players. 
  • Elemon introduces Cranto World Boss Mode, $10,000 prize pool

Trending Web3 games to check out

New Games to Try

  • Try Web3 Strategy Game Ookenga’s new mobile version
  • MOOW debuts new Track-to-Earn feature

eBay is looking for Web3 talent 

eBay, the popular ecommerce platform, is looking to hire for several Web3 positions for its newly acquired NFT marketplace. The company is searching for individuals to fill key roles such as Crypto Counsel, Head of Community, Marketing Executive, Senior Product Designer, Tech Lead, and Artist Liaison Manager.

As per the LinkedIn advertisement by eBay, the Crypto Counsel role will play a crucial part in promoting the company's presence in the NFT and blockchain industries. The company plans to work closely with experts in taxes, intellectual property, and security, and the appointed lawyer will provide regulatory guidance as eBay explores the Web 3.

Universal Studios is ready for NFTs

Popular entertainment company Universal Studios is the latest major brand that is looking into Web3 technology. The company reportedly wants to use Non-fungible tokens(NFTs) in its upcoming games and also in its theme parks. According to a patent they recently filed, NFTs and blockchain could be used to offer visitors a unique and customized experience. In the patent, titled "Systems and Methods for Customized Non-Fungible Tokens Corresponding to Amusement Park Attractions," the company describes how visitors to its various theme attractions can unlock in-game items using customized NFTs. The NFTs would capture the visitor's one-of-a-kind moments while interacting with the attractions and could be in the form of a photo, video, animation, or audio. This would also mean that Universal would partner with ride companies to bring more value to customers through blockchain technology.

MIR 4 Developer partners with Metagravity to create new gaming platform

South Korean game developer Wemade has joined forces with London-based metaverse engine developer Metagravity to create a new gaming platform and unique gaming experience that will bring Wemade's CEO's vision of an interconnected metaverse to life. This partnership comes shortly after a court ruling against the release of a play-to-win game, citing NFTs as promoting speculative behavior. However, this does not seem to have affected Wemade's latest Web3 ventures, as they recently launched the sequel to MIR4, MIR M, on January 31st. Wemade's crypto games are hosted on Wemix, a global blockchain gaming platform powered by Wemix 3.0, a high-performance EVM protocol secured by 40 decentralized authority nodes using a SPoA (stake-based proof of authority) consensus model.

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