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Newsletter #45 Why Gaming will bring mass adoption of crypto

March 6, 2023
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Gaming and cryptocurrency may seem like two completely different things, but they're starting to come together in a really exciting way. In fact, we truly believe that gaming is going to be the key to getting more people interested in crypto. But before we get into that

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Game developers have always been at the forefront of pushing technological boundaries, and with the advent of blockchain, they are finding innovative ways to integrate crypto into their games. This means that players can now earn real money for their in-game achievements, which is a game changer (pun intended) for gamers from all walks of life.

Gamers are known for being a passionate and social bunch, always looking for new ways to engage with each other. With the integration of cryptocurrency, gamers can now buy, sell and trade in-game assets, building communities and meeting fellow players from around the world.

With over 2.7 billion gamers worldwide, the potential for crypto adoption is staggering. As more games incorporate crypto, it will become more familiar and accessible to those who may not have been comfortable with it before.

Gaming is not only a major industry but also a fun and exciting way to earn money through cryptocurrency. The recent surge in on-chain activity for top gaming tokens, with GALA leading the way at an impressive 218%, is a clear indication that investors are starting to take notice of the potential of web-based gaming.

But it's not just investors who are getting excited about gaming and crypto. Players are also jumping on board, as evidenced by the notable increase in trading volume for virtual worlds in January, which reached a staggering $44.5 million—a 114% increase from the previous month.

All in all, we believe that gaming will play a pivotal role in driving crypto adoption. It's an industry that has always been about innovation and connection, and now it's leading the charge in the crypto world too. So let's get gaming and embrace the crypto revolution!


  • Illuvium Beyond game NFT sale will go live on 7th March
  • Dimensional Genesis Stones mint is coming up on 9th March
  • Lowlife forms first collection is going live on March 9th
  • Shrapnel has opened its whitelist raffle
  • Fabwelt is launching season passes for its entertaining fps shooter Arsenal.

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