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Newsletter #48 The Metaverse can’t be a walled gardenNewsletter #48

April 3, 2023
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Walled Gardens 

(credits: marketoonist) 

Believe it or not we're steadily creating the Metaverse, a consistent virtual universe where a majority of social and professional interactions will take place in the near future. Tim Sweeney the CEO of Epic Games thinks that the "Metaverse is happening for real" and that same thought is shared by a handful of some of the top companies in the world. This is apparent by the speed at which brands like Sony, Nike, Adidas and many others are getting patents and trademark rights for their brand and likeness in the Metaverse. 

There is just one problem though, most leading brands are trying to create their own closed Metaverse. A good example of this is Meta(formerly Facebook) that has arguably invested the most in developing software and hardware systems for the Metaverse. You might think what is so bad about a company creating their own closed virtual world. As a top down system of control  usually results in a less clunky user experience. But the cons far outweigh the pros in this context. Companies with closed ecosystems exercise complete control over their users. In a sense, users are renting a small part of the ecosystems and calling it their own. That's all fun and games until the real owner comes and decides to change the rules on you. Again taking Facebook as an example - As you might know, the social media giant recently rebranded to Meta. What you might not be aware of is that they poached the username Meta from one of the users on Instagram. They just took it!

While that doesn't appear to be a huge problem. It's just a username you might say and we will agree. But what happens when it's not a social media platform but a virtual world where you have invested and bought properties, skins, valuable digital assets and the owner suddenly decides to take them. In the world of Walled tech Gardens that's fair game. 

This is where Web3 technologies like Blockchain and NFTs come into play. They give users the right to take their properties with them into the open market and even to other interoperable platforms. Web3 tech is essential to create an open Metaverse and give real property rights to the people. As they allow people to truly own their digital properties instead of just renting them. Remember that building your digital life on a closed platform is akin to building your home on somebody else's land. The real owner will likely kick you out at the drop of a hat. 


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