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Tegro Will Support the GALA Contract Swap

May 15, 2023
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Tegro NFT20 Exchange will support Gala Games (V1) tokens migration to Gala Games (V2) tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

The arrangements on Tegro are as follows:

  1. Tegro will pause Gala Games (GALA) token withdrawals and deposits at 15:00:00 UTC on Monday, 15 May 2023.
  2. Tegro will automatically migrate Gala Games V1 to Gala Games V2 at a ratio of 1:1, where 1 GALA V1 token = 1 GALA V2 token.
  3. GALA-USDT spot trading operations on Tegro will not be affected during the contract swap.

Please note:

  • Following the swap, the old Gala Games V1 contract will not be supported as the old GALA V1 tokens will not have any utility.
  • GALA V2 token deposits and withdrawals will resume after the token migration is complete.

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