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CropBytes Assets Arrive On Tegro

May 26, 2023
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Tegro NFT20 Exchange is thrilled to announce our latest partnership with CropBytes, a play-to-earn (P2E) farming strategy game underpinned by real-world economics.

In CropBytes, players own virtual farms where they can grow crops and livestock to participate in an engaging and sustainable economy on the Polygon blockchain. Founded in 2018 by veteran gamers and web3 enthusiasts, the CropBytes game has more than 650,000+ downloads to date and is backed by Polygon Ventures, Draper Dragon, and other key industry leaders.

About Tegro x CropBytes Partnership

Tegro will begin listing collections from the CropBytes game on its exchange. The first of many collections listed will be:

Through this partnership, CropBytes players and traders can take advantage of Tegro NFT20 Exchanges signature features that simplifies NFT trading for all, such as:

✅ Bulk NFT Trading

✅ Zero Gas Fees

✅ USDT Pairing

✅ Order Book Trading

✅ Auto-order Matching

At the moment, users will be able to do the following actions on the Tegro exchange:

  • Deposit — Deposit CropBytes Eagger Assets on Tegro.
  • Trading — Buy and sell CropBytes Eagger Assets against USDT on Tegro.

With CropBytes joining the Tegro NFT20 exchange, we can't wait to collaborate and make a significant impact on the future of blockchain gaming.

About Tegro NFT20 Exchange

Tegro is an NFT20 Exchange pioneering the bulk trading of NFTs on Ethereum, Polygon, and other EVM-compatible chains. Tegro’s proprietary system transforms illiquid NFTs into fungible NFT20s, making them market-efficient and trader-friendly like ERC20 tokens. The exchange boasts stellar features, such as Order Book Trading, Auto-order Matching, and Zero Gas Fees, a first-of-its-kind for NFT trading. With a familiar interface and NFT trading starting from as low as $0.02, Tegro aims to simplify NFT trading for all.

Our founding team introduced cryptocurrency trading to 10 million Indians through WazirX. Now with Tegro, we're on a mission to onboard the next 100M traders to NFT markets.

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About CropBytes

Sow the seeds of success in CropBytes: The ultimate virtual farming experience! CropBytes is a unique business strategy game that runs on real-world economics. Players can own virtual farms and trade rare assets and engage in other economic activities to build their business. As the economy evolves, players can compete in more industries and use their skills to succeed in the world of CropBytes.

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