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MetaStar Strikers NFTs Arriving On Tegro Soon!

May 4, 2023
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We're super excited to announce our latest partnership with MetaStar Strikers, a fun-filled web3 football game!

Founded in 2022 and built by Volt Games, MetaStar Strikers is backed by leading investors, including VC firms like Voodoo, Shilling, and Arena & Co., as well as angels such as Chris Lee, Rui Pereira (Co-founder – Outsystems), Niall Curran (Chairman – Copa90), and Sebastien Borget (Co-founder – The Sandbox).

In MetaStar Strikers, players must create teams of 3 Strikers to participate in real-time, online multiplayer matches and earn rewards. Players can also upgrade the stats and performance of their Strikers through gameplay.

Through this partnership, Tegro will soon list one NFT collection from the MetaStar Striker game on its exchange. The collection is:

  • MetaStar Strikers — Strikers

This means that players and pro-traders will be able to trade their favorite MetaStar Strikers NFTs directly in $USDT, at scale, for absolutely ZERO gas fees!

With MetaStar Strikers joining the Tegro exchange, we can't wait to collaborate and make a significant impact on the future of blockchain gaming.

About MetaStar Strikers

MetaStar Strikers is a Web3 game that combines football with a fun gameplay, allowing its players to own their assets and trade them with their friends. All in a Score & Own unique way.

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About Tegro

Tegro is a gaming NFT exchange (beta) which focuses on improving liquidity and streamlining the trade of blockchain gaming assets. Tegro makes NFTs “fungible” and trader-friendly with the help of innovative features like order book trading, auto-order matching, and more. Founded by Siddharth Menon and Ashish Rawat, Tegro aims to simplify NFT trading for all and onboard the next 100 million traders.

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