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🌠 Full Throttle: Tegro’s First Months 📆 & The Road Ahead 🗺️

July 26, 2023
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Hey Tigers!

It's been mere weeks since Tegro Exchange (beta) blasted onto the NFT cosmos, yet our footprints are deep and triumphant! 🏆

Brace yourselves for a thrilling flashback of our victories since our launch in May 2023, coupled with a sneak-peek into what’s coming up next. 👀😲

Strap in and let's jet off to stellar stats-ville! 📊😱

  • First off, we eclipsed a whopping $200,000 in monthly trade volumes! Simultaneously, the average trade volume per user surged to an astonishing $1577.85. We're talking rocket fuel here, folks! 🚀🌕
  • Next up, we set the standard in bulk NFT trading with order book and USDT pairs for 15+ NFT markets. Who said you can't have quantity with quality? 📊💪
  • In the meantime, we helped 6 NFT markets skyrocket, hitting All-Time High Floor Prices and Trade Volumes on Tegro! We're all about that altitude! ✈️🗻
  • We also made some noise on social media, with a staggering 1,000,000+ impressions on Twitter and 150,000+ views on our influencer videos! We're a hot topic! 🔥✅
  • The cherry on top? The Tegro Tribe expanded to a formidable 40,000+ member community across Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and Substack! Apes Tigers together strong! 🐯

We didn't just stop there! Some markets on Tegro not only outperformed, but absolutely outclassed platforms like OpenSea, NiftySwap, and others.

Let's pop the hood and check some power stats of a few markets! 💯🚀

Cropbytes Eagger

  • Eagger assets roared with 4286 trades on Tegro, leaving a paltry 1434 combined trades on other platforms in the dust. We're talking a mind-blowing 198.88% difference! 💸🐔
  • Eagger NFTs piled up an impressive $53,352.77 in trade value, versus just $345.13 on NiftySwap. That’s an astronomical 15358.7% trade advantage on Tegro! 😱
  • Eaggers fetched an average price of $12.45 on Tegro, an impressive 47.86% higher than the average $8.42 on NiftySwap. 🥚💰

MetaSaga Warriors

  • This enticing dungeon crawler clocked in 7165 trades on Tegro compared to a mere 163 trades on OpenSea. That's a gargantuan 4295.71% Tegro advantage! ⚔️👾
  • Warrior NFTs counted a staggering $17,345.06 in trade value on Tegro, versus just $204.65 on OpenSea. We're looking at an eye-popping 8375.48% trade surge on Tegro! 💥💪
  • MetaSaga Warriors NFTs also boasted an average price of $2.42 on Tegro, a sky-shattering 227.02% higher than the $0.74 on OpenSea. 🏹🎯

MetaStar Strikers

  • The game scored epic 3679 trades on Tegro, breezing past the 279 trades on OpenSea. That's a supercharged 1218.64% increase! 🥅⚽
  • Striker NFTs banked an astounding $6,452.36 in trade value on Tegro, compared to the measly $170.11 on OpenSea. We're talking about an electrifying 3693.05% more trade storm on Tegro! 🎖️⚡
  • MetaStar Strikers NFTs also commanded a higher average price of $1.75 on Tegro, outperforming the $1.11 on OpenSea by 57.65%. We're playing in the big league, folks! 🏆💫

Alright, stats done, now what's next for Tegro? 🐯🔮

During our beta phase, we've gathered significant insights that have shaped our direction moving forward.

Decentralization is our true North Star.⭐ It's not just about following a trend, it's about fueling our growth and taking Tegro to the next level. By going decentralized, we can open doors to many new markets, and most importantly, launch Tegro onto a truly global orbit. 🌍

In line with our commitment to decentralization, we're also big fans of the idea "Your Keys, Your NFTs." 🙌🔐 Focusing on self-custody, we’d like to empower you with the control over your private keys, and uphold the true essence of owning your NFTs without having to rely on any custodian.

Finally, user experience for the win! ✨🚀 We’d like to refine features like order book trading, auto-order matching, bulk NFT trading, and more, that made trading NFTs on the Tegro Exchange (beta) a unique experience.

Our team is working tirelessly, coding away the next groundbreaking phase of Tegro. 🐯 We're building the future, line by line, feature by feature. You may have caught a glimpse of our progress on our latest tweet, which teases the exciting things to come. 🎉

If you're not already following us on Twitter, it's time to hit that button! Stay updated, join the conversation @TegroFi.

Fancy a front row seat to the future of NFT trading? Reply to the tweet above to gain an early access pass to Tegro's next phase. 🌌💫