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Best Blockchain Games on WAX

December 20, 2022
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Worldwide Asset Exchange, better known as the WAX network, is a powerhouse in the world of blockchain gaming. As Ethereum and Solana have carved out their place in strong niches like decentralized finance and non-fungible tokens, WAX is gaining traction in the crypto gaming industry with games like Alien Worlds and Wombat Dungeon Master. The web-based gaming market is growing at an unprecedented rate, and developers need to make sure that they choose a base platform that ensures a smooth user experience. WAX is an ideal network to build the next generation of Web3 games because it’s affordable and faster than many other established networks.

Play-to-earn blockchain games on WAX

In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the newly released and upcoming titles on the network. Hang tight, and let's dive right in:






What is StarShip? StarShip NFT Game
Image Credits: StarShip

What is StarShip?

The Starship NFT Game is an exciting real-time strategy and resource management game that allows players to send their ships on intergalactic missions to different planets. Send your ships on daring missions to far-off planets across the galaxy, where you can choose to either mine valuable Kyanite resources or take control of the planet itself. Experience the thrill of interstellar exploration with this new title on the WAX blockchain. In some ways, the game is pretty similar to another popular WAX title called Alien Worlds, as the key objective for players in both games is to accumulate a rare element that is spread across the universe.

How’s the gameplay?

While the developers are still rolling out new functionalities, the gameplay of StarShip is quite limited. The game is pretty similar to Alien Worlds when it comes to gameplay: you can stake NFTs, mine rare elements, and sell them in the game’s marketplace.

Is Starship free-to-play?

No, Starship is not a free-to-play title. You’ll need at least $10 worth of Starship tokens in your Metamask wallet to access the game.


What is GOALS? GOALS Blockchain game.
Image Credits: GOALS

What is GOALS?

According to the game's official website - Goals is a Gameplay-First Football Game that will be multiplayer focused and Esports ready. While we have seen numerous football-themed blockchain games in the last couple of years, none of them had impressive graphics or gameplay mechanics to keep us hooked. Goals seems to be the title that will accomplish this feat. If that wasn't enough to make GOALS a classic in blockchain gaming, then get a load of this - the team wants to create exciting and different looking teams instead of just copying the design from real life players, obviously there will be some resemblance to give tribute to legendary players - Goals is reportedly using a DNA system to accomplish this objective. 

How is GOALS' gameplay?

Goals is an upcoming title, and there’s not much info out there about its gameplay. However, we do know that it will be a 3D game with complex gameplay mechanics and great graphics.

Will GOALS be free to play?

Yes, GOALS will be a F2P title.


What is Arcus? Arcus crypto game. Arcus Blockchain game
Image Credits: Arcus

What is Arcus?

Arcus is a cross-platform, highly entertaining and fast-paced Player vs Player combat game with the capacity to host up to 10 or more players. Arcus includes team-based Guild Wars, Deathmatch, and Hero's Journey in addition to the intense real-time arena battles.Furthermore, it has a Treasury Bank feature to ensure a healthy game economy.

How is Arcus' gameplay?

There are multiple gameplay modes in Arcus. Players can follow a story mode in which they explore the world and save it from impending doom. Other modes include player-versus-player matches or guild deathmatches, in which players use powerful weapons to take each other out. The winner of the tussle is rewarded with the game's native tokens. The player can also participate in seasonal and mini tournaments to earn additional rewards and compete against the best Arcus players in the world.

Is Arcus free to play?

Yes, Arcus is a free-to-play title. However, you’ll need to buy NFT weapons and other in-game items to start earning with the game.

Rada Quest TCG

What is Rada Quest? Rada Quest blockchain game.
Image Credits: Rada Quest

What is RadaQuest?

Rada Quest TCG is a thrilling online trading card strategy game created by Dungeon Keeper Studios Ltd. You'll need to amass your resources by building and upgrading your structures, advancing your tech, and solving in-game scenarios—or by facing off against other players. These resources are the key to powering up your cards and winning the game. This game is all about strategic card battles and using your most valuable cards (known as NFTs) to take on opponents. Gather your cards, hone your skills, and get ready for a thrilling adventure.

How’s the gameplay of Rada Quest?

As the original TCG players might know, the gameplay of most trading card games is the same: you engage in turn-based strategic battles with your opponents in a high-stakes match. Rada Quest is no different: you enter the battle with your best set and test them against your enemy in a battle for resources. What makes TCGs interesting is the lore that surrounds them and draws a player into their world.

Is RadaQuest free-to-play?

No, you’ll need to buy three NFTs to start playing the game.

In Closing 

So that brings our list of the best blockchain games on WAX to an end. What we learned while researching for this article was that a lot of developers started building on WAX during the NFT summer of 2021. Most of these projects were overly focused on the financial side of the game and thus didn't have enough emphasis on the quality of their gameplay and lore, which eventually led to their failure.

There’s a wide hole in the WAX gaming ecosystem when it comes to AAA-style and high-quality games, and we think that developers should rush in to leverage this high-performing blockchain and gain a dominant place in the ecosystem before the opportunity is gone. If you like this piece on the best blockchain games on WAX, you can check out other research pieces that cover some of the hottest games from other networks such as Polygon, Solana, Ethereum, ImmutableX, etc. Until next time!