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Top Gaming Coins in 2023

February 2, 2023
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Web3 gaming has been here for a couple of years now. Still, we’re very early in the life cycle of this emerging sector. Web3 game developers are slowly removing the problems that plagued the industry previously. This means that the number of better projects in this space is increasing. While the market sentiment around mainstream cryptocurrencies is down in general, Web3 gaming coins and NFTs are surprisingly staying afloat.

The reason behind this trend seems to be that mainstream cryptocurrencies are still struggling to provide a convincing reason for their adoption by the masses. Whereas Web3 gaming currencies come with the inbuilt use case of being the in-game currency of a particular game. Cryptocurrencies are also a natural fit for gaming, as the industry is already familiar with virtual currencies and digital tokens. On top of that, many crypto games also allow players to earn real financial rewards while playing. This functionality has attracted millions of gamers and traders to Web3 gaming. In this article, we’ll list some of the hottest gaming coins from Web3 Gaming.

What are the benefits of investing in Web3 Gaming Coins?

According to DappRadar, blockchain games were responsible for nearly half of all the blockchain activity in 2021. The rally has calmed down a bit at the moment. However, that only means it’s the best time to accumulate premium gaming coins at a discount. As we mentioned earlier, gaming and crypto are a natural fit. Sooner or later, almost every game in the world will use blockchain technology. which means people who get in early and invest in good projects are likely to make a significant profit.

Another reason for investing in gaming and metaverse coins is that people are spending more and more time in virtual environments. You might have noticed that most of your day is spent on popular social media platforms or digital entertainment platforms. It’s inevitable that these platforms will incorporate cryptocurrencies in some form or another. That’s why many industry insiders consider virtual assets an emerging asset class.

How do you choose which gaming coins you should buy?

While we will be sharing some of the best gaming coins that we could find in the industry. It’s always a good idea to do your own research (DYOR). We’ll never encourage you folks to buy into the hype and lose money.

Top Crypto Gaming Coins 


MANA is the official in-game currency of the Decentraland metaverse. It’s a fungible ERC-20 token that players use to buy land parcels and other in-game items. What’s incredible about MANA is that it’s massively outperforming mainstream cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH. The token gained a whopping 150% in the month of January, while the leading cryptocurrencies only observed double-digit gains.


APE plays the dual role of a utility and governance token in the Apecoin ecosystem. More importantly, it’s the token affiliated with one of the most successful NFT projects ever, i.e., Bored Ape Yacht Club. That alone makes it eligible for this list. No matter what you think about some of the recent BAYC controversies, they are one of the pioneers in the NFT ecosystem and one of the most recognized brands in Web 3. If they just keep on building like they are, their NFTs and Apecoin are going to be huge. The token is already gaining some traction; it saw a price increase of nearly 63% in January.


The Sandbox is one of the biggest metaverse platforms in Web3. They have incredibly influential partners and ambassadors and a widely recognised brand in Web3. $SAND is the official currency of the Sandbox ecosystem. This means that the $SAND token facilitates almost every transaction in the Sandbox economy. $SAND is possibly the second biggest gainer from the month of January. The token saw a price increase of 92% during the month.


$GALA is the official currency of the Gala Games (GG) ecosystem. GG is the freaking Godfather of the Web3 gaming ecosystem. Ask any industry insider to name one Web3 gaming company that they are hugely bullish on. Chances are, most of them will say Gala Games. That’s because GG is doing almost everything right: they are building and funding some of the best games in the space, their marketing is on point, and they don’t rely on tokenistic gimmicks to attract players. $GALA is likely going to be huge because it’s being used as an official currency for so many good games in the GG ecosystem.


$ATLAS is the in-game currency of one of the most popular upcoming games in Web3 - Star Atlas. The hype around Star Atlas is massive, and for good reason. At a time when most Web3 games were ignoring gameplay and graphics for tokenomics, Star Atlas was creating a space-faring action adventure RPG in Unreal Engine 5. The game is yet to release, but the playable demos they have dropped so far look absolutely stunning. The scope of the game is also absolutely massive; they create entire virtual galaxies that players can explore with their spaceships.

By the way, $ATLAS is the currency you’ll need to make all the transactions in the massive economy of Star Atlas. If the game is able to deliver on its promise and create something that can truly rival the experience provided by Web2 titles, then we can safely say ATLAS is going to be huge.


$ILV is the native currency of Illuvium, the first AAA game in Web3. Being the first is especially a big deal when nearly all your peers are creating easy-to-make titles. It takes courage and vision to do something different, and the Illuvium team has shown time and again that they have both of those qualities. While it doesn't receive the kind of media attention that it deserves, players absolutely love Illuvium.$ILV is the currency that is facilitates all transactions in the Illuvium ecosystem. Making it a pretty strong contender on our list of best gaming coins.


$IMX is the native token of ImmutableX, a second-layer blockchain specially designed to support Web3 games and high-performance dApps. Early blockchains in the space were not really designed to be used in games. They usually have issues like expensive gas fees or longer transaction finalities. Immutable is designed as a solution to these problems, and that’s the reason why many Web3 games are choosing to build on ImmutableX. Truly, some of the best games we have seen in space are coming out of the ImmutableX ecosystem. We’re not even exaggerating; just check out a recent piece we wrote on the best games on ImmutableX. It goes without saying that the underlying token for a chain with such high demand is going to be quite valuable.


$MEMAG is the official token of a relatively new project in the space called Meta Masters Guild. You can think of MMG as the mobile-exclusive version of Gala Games. The project bills itself as the world’s first "dedicated mobile-only gaming platform." It aims to create "high-quality, supremely addictive, and fun play-to-earn games." The project has garnered massive hype in a relatively short amount of time. They raised nearly $500,000 in two weeks and got the attention of millions of Web3 gamers. It’ll be interesting to see what MMG comes up with next.

In Closing

That brings our list of the best Web3 gaming coins to a close. If you enjoyed this piece, then check out our other pieces on the best games from various gaming genres like first-person shooters, MMORPGs, strategy games, and more. Stay tuned for more informative articles on the state of Web3 gaming. See ya in the next one.