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Top New Web3 Games to play in 2023

December 29, 2022
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The year is coming to a close, and we’re excitedly waiting for what’s coming next in Web3 gaming. This year has been sort of a rollercoaster with a lot of ups and downs. One thing we can be certain of is that the quality of space games has significantly improved in 2022.We’ve seen a rapid increase in interest in blockchain-based gaming as more developers have started to explore the possibilities. Furthermore, these developers are using cutting-edge technologies like Unreal Engine 5 to engineer the best Web3 games we have seen so far. Unlike other platforms that spew out the same old list of games that were released in 2021 for you to play, in this piece we’ve compiled a list of recently launched titles that you can play in 2023.

New Web3 Games to play in 2023

Battle of the Guardians



Life Beyond

Blocklete Golf

Life Beyond

Life Beyond

This is a trending one, folks: an upcoming sci-fi web3 game built on the Ethereum blockchain. Life Beyond takes us to the alien planet of Dolos, where the players get to start building new societies from scratch. The concept seems a little like Star Atlas, but the game's art is more steampunk. Players get to launch conquests and discover new land regions in the mysterious world of Dolos, which is full of beautiful landscapes. But don't get too comfortable yet; the planet is plagued with a nanotech infection that is wreaking havoc on this ancient world. Once you successfully conquer a land mass in the game, it can be transformed into habitable regions for other players to settle in. However, starting new societies from the ground up is not child’s play. Your faction will need to come up with the necessary power structures, economic policies, and general infrastructure so that it survives. The developers tell us that the game features qualitative combat mechanics thanks to the Trinity system. Enjoy this massively multiplayer online Web3 game, find your clan, and restart the world on this new planet.

Battle of the Guardians

Battle of Guardians . Battle of Guardians Play to earn game.

Any street fighters among us, Battle of Guardians (BOG) brings old-school street fighter-style brawling to the world of blockchain gaming. Players take on the role of mythical creatures and engage in multi-realm battles with their opponents. If you’re one of the true ones, you know that the true magic of brawler games lies in their lore. Here's a sneak peak for you.

In ancient times, humans and creatures called Guardians lived in harmony. The Guardians, who had supernatural powers, were revered as gods and used their abilities to protect and maintain balance on Earth. As technology advanced, humans began to turn their backs on the Guardians, and they eventually disappeared.

But then disaster struck. A group of humans accidentally opened a portal to Hell, allowing demonic creatures to invade and devastate human civilization. Just when all hope seemed lost, the Guardians returned, ready to defend humanity once again. There are three game modes in BOG: Player VS Player (PVP), in which you take on other competitors; Story (PvE), in which you follow the narrative story of the game; and Bout (PvP), an all-out war between multiple players.


Evermoon Web3 game. Evermoon Play to earn.

It's MOBA time :p . Evermoon is an upcoming AAA-style multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) Web3 game that is building on top of the Binance chain. The game will be initially released only on mobiles. Evermoon’s lore evokes some powerful tropes from a popular web-based game, World of Warcraft. Let’s take a look. The war began when the Beyonder divided its power into fragments called De-Zentrum to prevent the world from collapsing. The Nakamatos clan discovered a piece of De-Zentrum and kept it in their central sanctuary, passing its power to a new leader every 100 years through a sacred ceremony. This ceremony created jealousy and anger among the tribe's fallen members, leading to conflicts in the kingdom and a revolution that spread throughout the world. War and battles now ravage the world. The game offers you two modes, folks. Normal matches and ranked matches Play in ranked matches to level up and meet your match while practicing in normal mode.


Dorac NFT game. Dorac Play-to-Earn game.

Fans of the OG Web3 horse racing web3 game ZedRun may enjoy this one. The premise is not much different, folks: you get to race your NFT character against other ballers, but instead of a horse like in Zed-Run, Dorac lets you race wild dogs. Other than racing your dogs on the track, you can also breed them or sell them in the game’s marketplace. The developers tell us that the game uses a combination of RNG technology and each dog's physical stats, along with the player's strategy, to help determine the winner of the race in a fair and unbiased way.

Meaning that you’re not at risk of losing due to unfair gameplay dynamics. All you've got to do is train your dog to increase its performance in these parameters: strength, agility, weight, luck, and stamina, and you’re likely to win any race you get into. Plus, did we mention that you could earn tokens by winning races in the Dorac metaverse? Yes, that’s correct; participate in the daily races and the routinely held tournaments of Dorac to make some dough while racing these virtual dogs.

Blocklete Golf 

Blocklete Golf NFT game. Blocklete Golf Web3 game.

Sometimes all you need is a fun golf simulator to chill and relax, and Blocklete Golf is exactly that. A golf simulator full of challenging courses built using Web3 technologies. This game is literally perfect for passing time; you can't get bored playing a skill-based game like this.

The team is extremely focused on improving the gaming experience based on user feedback. So if you have any suggestions, get in on their discord and drop 'em. There’s also the web-based aspect of collecting golfer characters and golfing equipment in the game. The game expertly integrates Web3 collectibles by making them an integral part of the gameplay experience. Your performance in the game depends on two factors: your gameplay skills and the golfer character that you bought and trained. So choose a good one and train them hard. Winning matches will earn you tokens, so there’s real value at stake; try to give your all.

Web3 gaming is changing folks, soon enough some of the best games in the world will use web3 tech. Visit our Earn platform to play and earn USDT, and discover the hottest Web3 games if you're new to the space.

In Closing

That’s our list of some of the new games that you should check out. You can see that the developers are slowly trying to improve the gameplay of their titles instead of making the tokenomic structure more attractive, and that’s what we'd like to see more of in the future too. In the meantime, enjoy these new games and let us know in the comments which one you like best. Plus, we’ve previously covered the best web3 games from Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and many more; check them out too. Until next time!


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