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Start Trading Tokens On Tegro: The CEX-DEX

September 27, 2023
2 min read

We're super thrilled to announce the arrival of token trading on Tegro: The CEX-DEX! Now you can enjoy the ease of a CEX in a DEX as Tegro combines the user experience and convenience of a centralized exchange with the accessibility and transparency of a decentralized exchange. Arriving with features, such as orderbooks, permissionless markets, and more, the CEX-DEX lets you search for any token and start trading with ease!

Since launching in closed beta, we’ve seen a surge in activity, with token trade volumes touching close to $75,000 within the first week, highlighting the excitement and demand!

Tegro: The CEX-DEX is packed with powerful features built for traders.

  • Orderbooks: Leverage real-time price, availability, and market depth with our orderbooks to make informed trading decisions!
  • Limit/Market Orders: Optimize your trading strategy! Utilize limit or market orders to buy and sell tokens efficiently and time the market perfectly!
  • Permissionless Markets: In search of the latest memecoin? The CEX-DEX has you covered! Search for any token by name or contract address and start trading. Discover and engage with emerging token markets as they arise.
  • Gasless Orders: Trade effortlessly and confidently! Create orders on the CEX-DEX without the worry of incurring gas fees.
  • Non-custodial Orders: Your Keys, Your Tokens! Trade with peace of mind, retaining full control and ownership of your tokens at all times.
  • Multichain Support: Trade on any chain! The CEX-DEX is your one-stop-shop for trading tokens on your preferred network. Currently supporting Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Binance Smart Chain, and Avalanche, with more networks coming soon!

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of token trading now! Start Trading your favorite tokens like PEPE, SHIB, ETH, USDT, and so many more!

Meanwhile, in celebration of this roll-out, we will be launching an exciting contest! Collect TKeys by completing trades and other easy tasks. You can then use these TKeys to unlock lootboxes and grab USDT and fun rewards! More details to follow.

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