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Twitter Spaces Legends of Elysium

March 20, 2023
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GM Tigers, last week we called our friends at Legends of Elysium on our Twitter Spaces to discuss their amazing game. We talked about phygital NFTs, LoE’s new “learn to earn" campaign, their roadmap and about all things Web3. Don’t worry if you missed the conversation though. As always we got the best insights for ya right here!

A Game for Web3 Players

LoE is a game that is designed for Web3 players. However, the developers have kept the game free to play so that there is no barrier to entry for Web2 players. The team believes that buying NFTs and setting up wallets can be intimidating for some players, which is why they have decided to introduce Web3 elements later down the line. They want players to be hooked and invested in the game before exploring the ecosystem.

An Educational Airdrop Campaign

LoE has recently launched an educational airdrop campaign. The campaign focuses on "phygital," which refers to the integration of physical and digital experiences. According to Skylark, the campaign will actively use digital assets to promote the game. By combining physical and digital elements, the developers hope to attract a wider audience to LoE.

Rare Phygital NFTs

LoE is preparing for the sale of its genesis assets, which include extremely rare phygital NFTs. Only 100 of these NFT cards will be available, and those who acquire one will also receive a physical figurine of the character. If you want to enter the whitelist of LoE's genesis sale, be sure to check out their educational campaign.

Private Beta Testing

LoE has already opened up their private beta, in which they are testing every aspect of the game carefully. Skylark tells us that they are soon going to release the open beta for the wider community to start playing the game. By conducting multiple simulations of their economy before even starting to develop the game, the team is confident that they have created a solid foundation for LoE.

Expansions Every Six to Four Months

New expansion packs for LoE will come out every six to four months to make sure players never run out of content. The developers understand that players need fresh and exciting content to keep them engaged, and they are committed to providing just that.

A Sustainable Economy

LoE has integrated partial vesting mechanisms into the economy of the game to ensure its sustainability. Each type of reward has its own separate pool, and the developers will be actively making changes and improvements based on market feedback. The trick seems to be staying nimble and prudent.

In Closing

Legends of Elysium is a game that promises to be a unique experience for players. The fusion of different gaming genres, combined with its phygital NFTs, makes it a game that is both innovative and exciting. With LoE's private beta already open, it won't be long before the wider community can get their hands on the game. The developers are committed to providing fresh and exciting content every six to four months, ensuring that players never run out of things to do. By creating a sustainable economy with partial vesting mechanisms, LoE promises to be a game that will keep you engaged for years to come.