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Twitter Spaces with the Wake

January 20, 2023
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GM tigers, for this week’s Twitter Spaces session, we had one of the most promising Web3 MMORPGs we have come across: The Wake. We discussed with the game’s co-founder Samet Pala what makes the Wake different from the scores of MMORPGs on the market, the importance of community building, tokenomic models that work, and much more. Don’t worry if you missed the conversation; we have some of the best insights from it right here.

First up introduction

The Wake is an upcoming web-based MMORPG that is based on Norse mythology. The game has been in development for some time, and the team behind it is excited to finally release a playable version for the public. The pre-alpha demo is an opportunity for players to get a feel for the game and provide valuable feedback to the development team. It's also a chance for the team to see what's working and what needs improvement before the official launch.

The Wake's Economy

When the game first started development, it utilized a single token model. Although it provided a lot of utility for players, the market stress ended up not being healthy for the game's economy. In order to address this issue, the Wake's economy is not connected to the larger crypto economy by design. They did it by creating a tokenless system that strictly uses just NFTs. This means that even if the price of major assets in the industry goes down, players in the Wake will have nothing to worry about. This provides a sense of stability and security for players, as they can enjoy the game without the added stress of market fluctuations. Additionally, the Wake's economy is designed to be self-sustaining and not reliant on external factors. 

The tokenless system not only provides stability for the game's economy but also allows for a more fair and accessible gaming experience. Again if players are not worried constantly about the price of an asset they can focus on enjoying a game more. It also allows for a wider audience to participate in the game, as not everyone may have the means or knowledge to invest in a specific token or coin.

On community building and engagement

The community is super important for any project in web3. The Wake has come up with the ingenious strategy of using its community to create mini-lore (storylines) for the game. While the larger plot of the game is fixed, the community can design mini-experiences within its ecosystem. This not only allows players to be more invested in the game but also creates a sense of community ownership, which is vital for the game's success. It also allows players to explore different aspects of the game and discover new experiences they might not have otherwise.

Advantages of Web3 for MMOs

The first problem in the Web2 ecosystem is that the players do not get ownership over the assets that they invest so much in. Web3 changes this through blockchain technology. The genre of MMORPG is really a great fit for Web3, as players of these games used to sell their assets and other in-game items in the gray market prior to the rise of NFTs. As you can imagine, many players get scammed in these gray areas of the internet. Now with Web3 technology, they don’t need to take that risk. Blockchain technology allows for true ownership of virtual assets, which gives players more control and security over their investments. It also allows for a more robust and transparent in-game economy.

Challenges and Go-to-Market Strategy

One of the primary challenges that many games in the space are facing is raising funds in the bear market. However, the way to survive these tough times is to build a solid project and nurture a community that believes in and supports it. The Wake plans to use massive prize money tournaments as their go-to market strategy. We see a lot of games on Web3 doing something similar. This strategy not only helps to attract players but also creates a sense of competition and excitement within the game. It also allows for players to potentially earn real-world value through their in-game achievements.

In Closing

Truly, this conversation was really fun and insightful. Sampet and the team at the Wake have studied the Web3 gaming landscape carefully, and they know what they’re doing. The combination of engaging gameplay, a unique economy, and a community-led plot design makes Wake a truly special MMORPG that we can’t wait to play.