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Unleashing the Pride

December 27, 2022
4 min read

GM Tigers, Today we’re unveiling a revamped community structure: Tegro Pride. In keeping with the Web3 ethos, we want to open up our community and invite them to help us shape the future of gaming.

Tegro Pride is an extension of the community we have built so far. We want to create a digital platform where talented people  can come together and create something incredible. Whether you’re a gamer, writer, musician, streamer, entrepreneur, investor, trader or student - we want to give you the opportunity to showcase your unique talents on a global stage. Not quite sure what you’re interested in? Don’t worry. In Tegro Pride, you’ll get to interact with industry leaders from various domains. Connect with them, hone your talents, and grow with your fellow community members. 

If you are passionate about gaming like we are, Then you likely spend most of your time playing games or consuming content on the latest and greatest developments in the industry. Why not become a creator yourself? Write blog posts about your favorite games, showcase your technical analysis skills by reviewing game economies, create game art, start your own podcast, or stream games. Building in public gives way to serendipity—it can bring you like minded friends, mind blowing opportunities, and even a lot of 💰. Whether you’re looking to start a career in Web3, or just want to have fun - Pride is the place to be. 

Let’s introduce some order to this beautiful chaos. At Tegro, our goal is to create the biggest and most impactful gaming ecosystem in the world. We understand that every member who joins us will participate in their own capacity. Some may want to take on leadership roles and take responsibility for an entire sub-community within Pride, whereas others might want to participate in just a competition that aligns with their interests. 

That’s why we have created different levels for each group of participants based on their engagement with Tegro. 

Introducing the PRIDE CLANS 

The Tegro Clans will be groups of people with specific roles and responsibilities. Think of each clan as a stepping stone; the higher up you go, the more responsibility and rewards you’ll have. Let's talk about the three clans we are introducing today:

Majestic Lions: As you know, lions are the kings of the jungle; similarly, members of this clan are leaders in the Pride community. This name, "Majestic Lions" conveys a sense of strength and regalness. It’s currently the top-tier clan in the community, and no one has claimed the role so far. Everybody will have to work their way up to being one, even the current core team members!

Powerful Panthers:  This name references the Panther family and conveys a sense of strength and power. Only a few community members have reached this level so far. 

Whisker Warriors: This name references cats' whiskers, which are used for sensing & navigating their environment, while also conveying a sense of determination & perseverance. A base-level clan. Not everybody can be a whisker warrior, but it's the easiest to get into.

Overall, these names are meant to convey a sense of strength, belongingness, and to showcase your progression within the Tegro Pride community.

As we mentioned above, no one has been declared a Majestic-Lion as of yet. but a few of our dedicated members have attained the role of "Powerful Panthers." Here’s a shout-out to these pioneers.

Pantherman: the youngest member of our community. Pantherman repeatedly outshines members twice his age in each of our community events. Fun fact: He once scored 1500 XP points in a single community event! 🙌

Omkar: Another young buck of the community. You can always find Omkar helping new members of the community in Discord. He has contributed by providing community feedback on various fronts to engage the audience on the Tegro team's behalf. What a champ!

Biki: The OG Star Atlas advocate of our community is now a powerful panther too! Biki constantly asks great questions with enthusiasm and keeps us on our toes 😛

SJKabi: Lastly, our photographer friend! He's been super valuable in sharing all the trading-related knowledge in our cryptocurrency discord channel. If you’re ever looking for an enthusiastic partner to discuss which coins are going to the moon next, Sjkabi is the one. 

We congratulate all the newly minted Powerful Panthers for making it to the next level. Don’t wait anymore; you could be the next panther in the Tegro Pride community, join our Discord now to get started on your journey to greatness.

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