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Newsletter #36 Beginning with a Bang

January 2, 2023
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From the Editor, 

GM tigers, 2023 has just begun and we’re already seeing a ton of exciting developments. But before we get into all the good stuff that happened in web3 gaming this past weekend. Friendly PSA - you can earn USD by playing fun games on Tegro Earn, so sign up now. With that out of the way, let’s get to the goodies. 

BR1 Infinite Launches Closed Beta

BR1 is truly one of the most interesting games in web3 gaming. It’s one of those kill-to-earn battle royale type of game where the risk is real. Players put up real money to enter its matches and earn USD rewards on each kill. Even without the financial incentives - the game is fun to play and has great graphics. They just launched a Closed Beta Test - in which they’ll fund the wallet of interested players so that they can start testing the game without being worried about losing money. Sign up for the beta test here

Illuvium Zero’s Alpha Test is coming up

Following the release of Overworld to a great response from the web3 gaming community, Illuvium is not letting go of the momentum they have acquired. The game is releasing an alpha test of another sub-title called Illuvium Zero. According to the initial announcement Illuvium Zero would be the first mobile title by the game. The alpha test is set to begin on January 6th, 2023. Only Illuvium Zero land holders we’ll be able to enter the alpha test. 

Square Enix Invests 52.5 Million in Mobile Game Developer Gumi

Square Enix, the Japanese gaming company, has invested $52.7 million in mobile game developer Gumi to fund the creation of high-quality mobile titles, NFT games, and a metaverse project. As part of the partnership, Gumi will have access to some of Square Enix's intellectual property, and the two companies may also work together to launch an NFT marketplace for gaming assets. Gumi is also planning to create "Wow and Earn" games, which are games built out of well-known IPs that have play-to-earn features, and to work on a number of NFT games that will have metaverse integrations. 

Spain to Invests $8M in Gaming and Metaverse Initiatives

The Ministry of Culture and Sports of Spain will provide $8.5 million in grants for the development of video games and metaverse experiences as part of the Spanish "Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan." The funds, which are being provided by the European Union, will be given in the form of yearly or multi-yearly grants to companies in the industry in order to digitize and modernize the Spanish economy. This marks an increase of 700% compared to the first wave of the program, which provided grants to 25 projects in the sector. Other countries, such as Korea, have also directed funds towards metaverse investments.

Tegro Events

Twitter Spaces

Get ready for an exciting twitter spaces session. We are calling some of the best games on Polygon to our Twitter spaces. It’s going to be a blast, do join us on Thursday(January 5th, 2023), 8 p.m IST. Trust us, you don't want to miss this one.​ Set your reminder now.

Art Contest Finale 

Last week, we organized an Art contest that received a ton of interesting and creative entries. Here take a peak. 

​No matter your experience level, if you are a designer, writer, gamer, researcher, developer or just love talking to people, join our Tegro Pride community. You’ll find a lot of minded folks there and a chance to get rewarded for your contribution. Furthermore, you get to shape the future of Web3 gaming with us. If all that sounds interesting to you, join our discord and show up to the weekly onboarding call on Wednesday 2:30 pm UTC

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That’s it for today, see ya in the next one. Don’t forget to sign up on Tegro and earn USDT rewards.